Character Countdown: The Real Housewives Of New York City, Episode 11

When you drop a group of bickering women onto a yacht in the Virgin Islands, someone is going to want to abandon ship. But we have yet to see who that person is on The Real Housewives of New York City, because Ramona's pre-vow-renewal girlfriend trip spawned so much drama that it had to be split up between two episodes.

In general, Ramona seemed to enjoy herself (which is good, for all the money she -- or Bravo -- must have shelled out to put together this trip for her girlfriends). But Kelly's already-feeble mind sprung a leak and splashed all over the other housewives. At one point, Kelly & Co. took their old lady drama from Ramona's boat to the Hooters yacht next door.

Can you believe this vacation will still be going on next week? We can't wait!

In the meantime, we're still keeping score:

Annie Wersching


-- Rented a huge, awesome boat in the Virgin Islands for her girls retreat/bachelorette party (+5)

-- Which means everyone is trapped on the vessel together when they're at sea. There's no way this can go wrong (-3)

-- Was protective of Bethenny's feelings (+2)

-- Brought up Jill's name, sending Kelly into a crazed tirade (-1)

-- Interrupts Sonja's moment of upset with a drunken entry to the room. It's always more fun to laugh than to cry (+2)

-- Goes yacht-hopping and lands on the boat owned by the owner of Hooters (+3)

-- Flirts with him (-2)

-- When trying to describe the tumultuous relationship between Kelly and Bethenny, she says they go together like "salt and water," "vinegar and oil." Thank you, try again (-5)

-- Gets so drunk she's slurring her words. Hey, it's her party! (+4)

-- "Turtle time!" (+4)

-- Goes dancing with Alex and Bethenny and has a blast with her girlfriends (+4)

Net gain/loss: +13

Current total: 64

Annie Wersching

KELLY (40)

-- Says she doesn't eat processed foods but does eat gummy bears (-2)

-- Doesn't understand the phrase "eating crow" (-1)

-- Misuses the whole "lemons-into-lemonade" cliche (-3)

-- Goes bonkers when the ladies do a quick debrief about the Jill arguments at Jennifer's party last week (-3)

-- Tries to exit after her tirade, but can't figure out how to open the sliding glass doors (-7)

-- Admonishes the others for having had one night stands, saying, "if you had it like this, you wouldn't give it away." Had it like what? Crazy? (-3)

-- Gets upset with Sonja and Bethenny talk about their feelings. Says "having feelings is so 1979" (-5)

-- Rehashes her ancient fight with Bethenny (-1)

-- Says she likes to be nice and gentle to people, then later calls Bethenny a litany of awful things, including a ho-bag (-4)

-- Tries to insult Bethenny by saying she's only a cook, not a chef (-1)

-- Then admits she doesn't really know whether she's a chef or not (-4)

Net gain/loss: -34

Current total: 6

Annie Wersching


-- Went on Ramona's chick party, despite having just buried her father (+3)

-- Talked to Alex about having to see her father dying (-2)

-- Gets a huge, well-deserved belly laugh with Alex over Kelly's stupidity (+3)

-- Is verbally attacked by Kelly for no apparent reason, getting called a ho-bag, vindictive, cunning and deceitful (-5)

-- Survives the first half of the trip without any alcohol (preggers!), a major accomplishment (+3)

Net gain/loss: +2

Current total: 123

Annie Wersching

ALEX (99)

-- This ladies' excursion is Alex's first non-work-related time away from hubby and kids (+5)

-- She's a good listener when Bethenny talks about her dad (+2)

-- Is a good sidekick to Ramona on the trip, monitoring her drunken behavior on another yacht and accompanying her to the bar so that she could dance (+3)

Net gain/loss: +10

Current total: 109

Annie Wersching

SONJA (89)

-- Borrowed her ruffled blouse from Prince's Purple Rain collection (+2)

-- Remains silent when the ladies discuss Jill on the yacht; says she doesn't want to get involved in the Jill drama (+4)

-- Is a friend to Kelly when everyone else gets fed up with her. She seems to be the only person on this show that's supportive of everyone else (+5)

-- Ends up crying, admitting that she's self-conscious (-3)

-- After a fight erupts on the yacht, gets left alone with Kelly (-2)

-- Doesn't want to be left alone with Kelly, so she makes her way over to the other boat with everyone else. Of course, this causes more drama to erupt (-1)

Net gain/loss: +5

Current total: 94

Annie Wersching

LUANN (29)

-- Is recording a song because she has enjoyed singing since she was 8 years old. There's something to be said for accomplishing your dreams, even if you're not very good at them (+2)

-- Wait, music producer compares her to Madonna or Fergie! (+3)

-- He is lying (-5)

-- Money can't buy you class, but it can buy you a lot of voice editing in the studio (+1)

-- Went on a date with the weird shifty-eyed guy from last week, and now we're noticing he has a weird mouth as well (-3)

-- OMG! He just tried to kiss her with his gross fish mouth (-3)

-- OMG!!!!! She let him! And she's kissing him back! And the kisses are loud and squeaky (-6)

Net gain/loss: -11

Current total: 18

Annie Wersching

JILL (-41)

-- Absent this episode. Lucky for her, she can't afford to lose any more points!

Net gain/loss: +0

Current total: -41


Bethenny: 123

Alex: 109

Jennifer: 99

Sonja: 94

Ramona: 64

LuAnn: 18

Kelly: 6

Jill: -41