Character Countdown: Real Housewives of New York City, Episode 10

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: What the hell is the matter with The Real Housewives of New York City?

Do these women -- women of a certain age, no less -- really behave this way?

To most of them, getting into screaming matches and embarrassing themselves at social events is as normal as grocery shopping is to regular people. Oh sure, it's the reason we look so forward to this little nugget of televised idiocy each week. But we are still always amazed at how finely these women hone their skills of ridiculousness.

It was a rough week for Bethenny, who was spared from any housewife drama, but only because she was dealing with some emotionally-draining personal issues. Jennifer got better acquainted with the group and likely wondered what she's gotten herself into; Jill was, once again, the common denominator for all the arguments.

Here's how it all shook down, and we've scored them accordingly:

Annie Wersching


-- Gets a call from her estranged father, who wants to see her (+2)

-- He is probably dying (-3)

-- Is (understandably) an emotional basket case over the situation. Pregnany hormones make everything more intense (-4)

-- Has a somewhat healing convo with dad (+1)

-- Fiance Jason is super supportive, and would clearly do anything for her (+2)

-- Seems to be finding some peace in her life; wants to be a better person for future family with Jason (+3)

-- Dad passes away (-10)

Net gain/loss: -9

Current total: 121

Annie Wersching

SONJA (96)

-- Arrives late to her own party at her own house (-3)

-- Is wearing a dress short enough to be sold at Forever 21 (-2)

-- Knows drama will erupt, and thinks it makes parties better (+2)

-- At lunch, shovels huge bites of salad into her mouth, and it makes us want to throw up a little (-1)

-- Is late to Jennifer's cocktail party, misses the first fight of the night (-3)

Net gain/loss: -7

Current total: 89

Annie Wersching

ALEX (92)

-- Gets confronted by Jill's hubby, Bobby, at Sonja's party (-3)

-- Tries to have a conversation with Jill, but Jill pulls her go-to move and avoids any civilized discussion (-2)

-- Jill says she'll never forgive Alex for being mean to her. Looks like it's Alex's lucky day! (+5)

-- Husband Simon husband sits right next to Jill at Kelly's party (-2)

-- She gets a grossly fake salutation from Jill and is so sickened, she must leave immediately (-1)

-- At Jennifer's party, Alex goes OFF on Jill, telling her that she's mean, fake, gossipy and immature. She says what we've all been thinking for the past two months, and then slams her glass of wine before walking out. Bravo! (+10)

Net gain/loss: +7

Current total: 99

Annie Wersching


-- Comes to Sonja's party and heads straight for Jill (-1)

-- Her top looks like a wiffle ball (-2)

-- Attends Kelly's party; tells the group they have f-ing issues. She learns fast, no? (+5)

-- Has cocktail party for housewives, at which two major blowouts take place. A party planner by trade, she probably doesn't intend for things to turn out that way, but hey, at least it isn't boring (+4)

Net gain/loss:+6

Current total: 99

Annie Wersching


-- Offers advice and consolation when Bethenny calls to talk about her dad, and keeps the information to herself when asked (+3)

-- After 17 years of marriage, she's planning a wedding vow renewal with her husband, complete with a wedding dress, bridesmaids and a pre-ceremony girls trip. Um, OK. Don't most people just do this privately on a beach vacation somewhere on milestone anniversaries that end in 0 or 5? (-4)

-- Even her own daughter/maid of honor thinks it's overkill (-2)

-- Cries with joy when she tries on a wedding dress with large featherbursts on the bottom half. There's no accounting for good taste (-2)

-- At Jennifer's party, gets yelled at by Jill for not revealing Bethenny's personal business with her father (-2)

-- Comes back at Jill basically saying A) if Bethenny wanted Jill to know, she'd have told her; and B) that she has a day job and doesn't have the time to be responding to Jill's petty, text message gossip inquiries. (Read: Get a hobby, Jill!) (+4)

Net gain/loss: -1

Current total: 51

Annie Wersching

KELLY (40)

-- Wore a dress to a party that actually covered all of her naughty bits (+3)

-- Undid that by wearing a micro-mini-dress to the next shindig. It's not that she looks bad, it's just so predictable at this point (-1)

-- Gets stuck on couch directly in between Alex and Jill while they are screaming at each other (-2)

Net gain/loss: +0

Current total: 40

Annie Wersching

LUANN (36)

-- Can't find an earring back. Clearly, she's never had to use a pencil eraser in pinch (-3)

-- Butts into the fight between Jill and Alex numerous times (-2)

-- Tells Alex that she shouldn't take sides in the Jill/Bethenny fight, while simultaneously taking Jill's side against Alex (-4)

-- Brings a dude to the party and he ultimately asks her out (+3)

-- He has shifty eyes and weird hair and kinda gives us the creeps (-5)

-- Takes Jill, Sonja and Kelly to a yoga retreat (+2)

-- We don't see them do any yoga, but they do wear fluffy robes, engage in deep girl talk and then get massages (+2)

Net gain/loss: -7

Current total: 29

Annie Wersching

JILL (-10)

-- Cries about her fight with Bethenny to Kelly. Um, hello! Hasn't Bethenny been trying to squash this for weeks? Jill, always happy to the victim (-2)

-- Brings up the ambush again. Yawn (-1)

-- Says she will NEVER FORGIVE Alex. Hey, Alex is the new Bethenny! (-5)

-- Alex tries to talk; Jill practices avoidance. Wash, rinse, repeat (-3)

-- Offers Alex the most ridiculous, fakey-fake smiles and compliments at a couple of different get-togethers after telling everyone how much she hates her now (-2)

-- Counted how many times Kelly says, "like" in a conversation. Yes, it's kind of mean, but it drives us crazy, too (+3)

-- When Ramona invites her on the girls weekend, Jill won't commit until she finds out who's coming. Little does she suspect that nobody will want to go if she's coming (-2)

-- Rips Ramona a new one for not telling her about Bethenny's dad. B's dad is dead, but it's all about YOU, Jill! (-6)

-- Goes into the pantry to cry (-3)

-- Gets reamed by Alex in front of her new friend, Jennifer, and the rest of the group (-7)

Net gain/loss: -31

Current total: -41


Bethenny: 121

Alex: 99

Jennifer: 99

Sonja: 89

Ramona: 51

Kelly: 40

LuAnn 29

Jill: -41