Thoughts on the Cast of Anchorman 2

Depending on who you talk to, the long-awaited Anchorman 2 may not be happening after all (director Adam McKay says it's toast; Will Ferrell isn't giving up hope yet). In these rough economic times, you can't blame Paramount for being a bit hesitant toward Ferrell, whose career has been in a rough patch for the last few years. But on the other hand, revisiting one of his classic comedic creations -- and bringing back some of the all-star cast from the 2004 hit -- could be just what Ferrell needs to break out of his slump. Here are a few Anchorman characters we'd love to see join Ron Burgundy back behind the news desk:

Paul Rudd as Brian Fontana: Rudd may be one of the most highly sought after comedic actors working today, but he was still known mostly as the cute guy from Clueless when he played Will Ferrell's mustachioed, cologne-loving colleague Brian Fontana. Capitalizing on Rudd's newfound popularity could be a key to finally getting this sequel into theaters.

Steve Carell as Brick Tamland: Carell was also just an up-and-comer when he appeared in Anchorman as San Diego's most dim-witted weatherman. While his character is just a little too out there for us to suggest Ferrell and McKay give him a whole lot more to do in the sequel, we still want him around to pipe in with the occasional absurd one-liner.

Luke Wilson as armless reporter Frank Vitchard: Wilson was relegated to a cameo in the first film as part of the epic newsmen battle scene. We need a return appearance, just to see what limb he'll lose next.

Ben Stiller as Arturo Mendes: Stiller was also just a bit player the last time around. But with the immigration debate dominating the news these days, it could help add some modern relevance to this '70s spoof for Ron Burgundy to have another run-in with his competing Spanish-language news anchor.

Jack Black as the angry motorcyclist: Black's uncredited cameo, in which he kicked Burgundy's beloved dog, Baxter, off a bridge as revenge for getting hit in the face by a wayward burrito, helped drive the film to its conclusion. Baxter miraculously survived his fall and came back to save the day. Now he must have his vengeance.

Does the thought of Anchorman 2 not happening send you into a glass case of emotion? Are there any other characters you'd like to see come back in the sequel?

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