Our Ideas for a Sarah Silverman Movie

Bad news came last week for fans of potty-mouthed comedian Sarah Silverman: Comedy Central has cancelled her two-year-old sitcom, The Sarah Silverman Program. With so few women headlining comedy programs these days, it's especially sad to see one fail. But the good news is that Sarah is now free to pursue a career on the big screen. Here are a few suggestions for some projects we'd like to see her tackle:

1. A gross-out romantic comedy

This year's batch of lame, barely-even-trying-to-be-funny romantic comedies has us longing for the days of There's Something About Mary. If anyone could revive this genre, it's the equally adorable and dirty Ms. Silverman. And when it comes time to cast the male lead, might we suggest her former music video paramour, Matt Damon?

2. A serio-comedy
On the other hand, if Sarah wants to prove she has true Hollywood staying power, it might be time to ditch the potty mouth and pigtails routine and start stretching her acting chops. We can't picture Sarah becoming a full-on drama queen, but perhaps her cameo as herself in last year's Funny People served as a hint that she'd like to take on a comedy with a bit more weight to it. Hopefully while she was on set she asked Judd Apatow to include more complex, three-dimensional comedic roles in his films for actresses who aren't his wife.

3. A voice in a Pixar movie
Before you say that doing voice work in an animated film would be a step down for a woman who headlined her own TV show, remember that former sitcom star Ellen DeGeneres revived her career and even garnered Oscar buzz for her performance as Dory the fish in Pixar's Finding Nemo. We're still waiting for Pixar to give us a movie with a strong female lead character, and love it or hate it, Sarah Silverman definitely has a distinct voice that would be great for character work. This partnership could be a win-win.