2010 Summer Movies: Romance Battle Royale

Six "romantic" films will be released between May and August this year. We've paired them off and pitted them against each other to help decide which ones are the most swoon-worthy. Enjoy!

First Match: Knight and Day vs. Killers

The Setup: These two romantic/action comedies each feature a rom-com queen (Knight and Day stars Cameron Diaz, Killers has Katherine Heigl) who becomes romantically involved with a dashing leading man (Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutcher, respectively) who surprises her with the news that he's secretly a super-spy.

The Breakdown: It's been ages since any of these four stars have appeared in a hit. And the coincidence of them coming out so close to each other will probably end up hurting them both.

Advantage: With Cruise on board, Knight and Day is bound to have better action sequences and therefore may have broader appeal. But romance fans may find more sizzling chemistry between Hiegl and Kutcher in Killers.

Second Match: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse vs. Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky

The Setup: In Eclipse, Bella Swan faces the typical dilemma of any high school senior: should she go away to college or stay in town and marry her boyfriend so he can turn her into a vampire? Coco and Igor tells the story of the passionate affair between the fashion icon and the founder of the Russian ballet.

The Breakdown: Following the success of the first two installments in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse is expected to be one of the summer's biggest movies. It also happens to be the least romantic and most action-oriented story in the series. Fans looking for the Edward/Bella angst they already know and love might be better off staying home with the DVDs of the first two films. And (SPOILER ALERT) knowing the ending in advance, Team Jacob just may stay home altogether. Coco and Igor may be tiny, foreign, and void of any big-time stars, but it also might be the perfect anecdote for anyone who might be sick of vampires and spies by mid-summer.

Advantage: Eclipse will undoubtedly make truckloads more money, but true romantics might be better off with Coco and Igor.

Third Match: Sex and the City 2 vs. Letters to Juliet

The Setup: In Letters to Juliet, current "it" girl Amanda Seyfried sets out on a romantic adventure to reunite a pair of geriatric star-crossed lovers in Italy. Nothing is known about SATC 2 besides what the ladies will be wearing, but no one seems too concerned about the plot anyway.

The Breakdown: Seyfried proved herself a box-office draw with February's weepy Dear John. In Letters to Juliet, it looks like she's back to doing what she does best: being funny and adorable. The trailer, complete with Taylor Swift's "Love Story" playing over gorgeous shots of scenic Italy, has had girls of all ages excited every time I've seen it play in a theater. SATC 2, on the other hand, faces the losing battle of trying to reach the same frenzy of the first movie. And after giving Carrie and Big their second happy ending, what story is there really left to tell without breaking them up again? (It doesn't sit well with me that the one big secret that's been let out is that John Corbett will return as Carrie's ex Aiden).

The Advantage: Seyfried's star is on the rise, while it may be time for Carrie and the girls to finally hang up their Manolos.