Mark Wahlberg Top Five / Bottom Five

Mark Wahlberg is the rarest of all things -- a former teen pop star whose mediocre music career has been almost completely forgotten in the wake of his impressive film career. He's in a supporting role this weekend in Date Night, with Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

Here's a look at his highs and lows:

Top Five

5. I Heart Huckabees

David O. Russell's ensemble comedy about existentialism wasn't perfect, but Wahlberg's performance as firefighter Tommy Corn is one of the highlights.

4. Invincible

Wahlberg is quietly inspiring in his low-key performance as NFL player Vince Papale, who made the Philadelphia Eagles through open tryouts.

3. Three Kings

After his breakthrough performance in Boogie Nights, Wahlberg proved that unlike in music, he wouldn't be a one-hit wonder in film with a high energy performance alongside George Clooney and Ice Cube in this tale of three American soldiers who stumble across a hidden fortune in Iraq.

2. The Departed

You know Wahlberg's performance as a tough Boston police officer had to be explosive when he beat out co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, and Martin Sheen to become the only actor nominated for an Oscar from the cast of this Best Picture winner.

1. Boogie Nights
In the film that made him a star, Wahlberg played Dirk Diggler, a man destined for a career in porn due to a certain gift from nature. That "gift" may have been a prosthetic, but thanks to Wahlberg's real natural gifts as an actor, he remains a big, bright shiny star.

Bottom Five

5. The Italian Job
This ensemble heist film may have been a moderate box-office success, but creatively, it was nothing more than a poor man's Ocean's Eleven.

4. Shooter
Unfortunately, the title really says it all about what Wahlberg was given to do in this lackluster action movie.

3. The Truth About Charlie
Possibly the most forgettable film of Wahlberg's career, it took some deep research to even remember what its premise was.

2. Planet of the Apes
Scoring the lead in this big-budget remake of the sci-fi classic would've been a big coup for Wahlberg -- if this had been a remake anyone had been interested in seeing.

1. Rock Star
A ridiculous premise (lead singer of a hair metal tribute band is plucked from a crowd to replace his idol) paired with every rock movie cliché you've ever seen made this the biggest dud of Wahlberg's career. As anyone who remembers his days with the Funky Bunch could tell you, Mark Wahlberg just wasn't cut out to be a rock star.