The Bachelor: Michelle Has No Regrets

The Bachelor's resident crazy girl -- Michelle, for the uninitiated -- was eliminated mid-date by our suddenly decisive Bachelor Jake on Monday's episode. So does she have any regrets about her behavior?

Eh. Not so much.

Michelle spoke to reporters from Anaheim, Calif. -- did she go to Disneyland?!?!? -- during a conference call Thursday morning.

So does she still really, really, really want a husband? Read on:

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Do you think you came on too strong during your time in the house?

I don't hold back on my feelings and what I have to say. I feel you have to say your feelings on a show like that. You don't know when you're gonna leave, when you're gonna have your time with Jake. The time I did have with him, I had to let him know how I felt. So I don't have any regrets on how I put my heart out there.

You displayed such an intensity on the thought of getting married. Where did that come from?

Well, I went on the show to find love. I wore my heart on my sleeve. I'm at that point in my life where I'd love to fall in love with somebody and get married and have children. The way I was shown on TV, it seemed I want to get married that minute and have kids the next day, and that's not the case.

How shocked were you when Jake said go home now?

At the moment, I was shocked, but at the same time I understood why. There was no connection in the kiss. I was sad, and I thought about how I acted as I was leaving and he was walking me out to the taxi, but again there wasn't a connection there and I just wish the best for him.

Looking back, is there anything you would change about how you were portrayed on the show?

I probably wouldn't change anything. That's how I was. I would say I don't usually come out that strong in reality, but it's hard when you're in a house with other women, trying to find a connection with Jake. I don't think I would have done anything really different.

How did your family and friends think of the way you were portrayed?

Everybody has been very supportive of me. I haven't had any negative feedback from my family or friends. They were just kinda sad to see me go. And all I can say is, they supported me. They're happy and they know how I am, and we all kind of laugh about it.

Anyone special in your life right now?

As of this moment I'm just dating around.

What are your thoughts about Vienna?

She's a sweet gal. I didn't get to know her at all during my time in the house. I know that some women might not have liked her. I was kind of upset because I wish I had a one-on-one date because I feel that it's a lot different getting to know someone on a one-on-one compared to going on a group date. I didn't get to know her very well, so I can't really say anything good or bad about her.

What is it about Vienna that every other women seems to be telling Jake she was bad news?

I can't say anything for anybody. I don't know why some women don't like her in the house. It could be jealousy because she's having a connection with him. But you got to understand coming into a show like that, that's going to happen. I never had an issue with her.

Did it bother you that some of the women had a problem with you?

I didn't have an issue with any of the other ladies. I may not have bonded as closely as other women did. If there was somebody I wanted to confront, for example, with Ali, I'm not gonna just sit on the sidelines and not say anything. There's no intentions of hurting anybody. I think everybody was great, everybody was really nice in the house.

Of the women who are left, who would you pick for Jake?

It's so early on to tell. Tenley is a sweetheart, she has so much life in her and I think she's a great gal. Ali as well, right off the bat I did see a very strong connection between them that I felt that I didn't have. If I had to say who he ended up with: Ali or Tenley or Gia. If I had to pick one person who Jake ends up with, just from my time being there and seeing what I saw, it would probably be Ali.

If you could say anything to Jake right now, what would it be?

Jake, if you're listening, I'm still waiting for my one-on-one!

If given the opportunity, would you be The Bachelorette?

Well, first I have to say I don't know if anybody would watch the show if I was chosen because I don't think I was the most liked on the show. But I would do it! I say I don't believe in the process, but in life you have to try things once. Or twice.

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