Harrison Ford Is Already Working Around the Clock!

Hasta la vista, baby.

You talkin' to me?

Gimme back my son.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the next great catchphrase no one can stop spouting:

I already work around the clock!

And the movie it's from hasn't even been released yet.

Oh, Harrison Ford: we've always loved you. Whether you were that lovable rogue Han Solo or the president of the United States, you have always been our best Good Guy. (You're not even Canadian, like all the other American actors these days. Now that's patriotism!) And now you're working around the clock in Extraordinary Measures to save babies with bad hearts. It brings a tear to the eye, I tell ya. We really do feel the pain of your scream at 1:33 in the trailer.

Everyone's tweeting it! I already work around the clock! It's a Facebook status! It's a ringtone! It's catchy cuz it's true -- we're all working around the clock these days. Remember how President Bush praised working three jobs as "uniquely American"? He was right, and we should be proud. Funny how we used to think there was something wrong with slaving away in first-world sweatshops (metaphoric or actual), raising profits for our corporate overlords while we struggle to pay the mortgages on our underwater houses. (Remember when New Orleans was the only thing underwater? New Orleans was a trendsetter, baby!)

And patriotic Americans happy to let the world know they're working around the clock are getting in on the viral action: they're working around the clock to spread the word that working around the clock is, like, the most awesome thing ever. It must be, because Harrison Ford -- Indiana Jones himself! -- is doing it too. It's totally as cool as fighting Nazis and finding the Holy Grail.

Of course, Indy also noted that it's not the years that do ya in, but the mileage. But we're all too busy already working around the clock to think about that.


MaryAnn Johanson already works around the clock at FlickFilosopher.com. (email me)

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