TV Throwdown: Sex and the City Vs. Cougar Town

Up until now, Sex and the City's Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) has been TV's quintessential cougar. But after Cougar Town launched, you have to wonder if its main maven, Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox), had what it takes to capture the Cougar Crown.

So, we put the two cradle-robbing cuties to the ultimate test: A TV Throwdown.


Until the very end of the SATC series, Samantha hadn't ever had a real relationship. Her life was a series of one-night-stands and short-term (but often not monogamous) affairs. Jules is recently divorced, having been married to her high school sweetheart for years.

Since Jules has been out of the dating loop for a while, she's pretty clueless when it comes to... well, everything. She phones her friends in the middle of dates to ask them how to behave and what to do. Meanwhile, the only dilemma Samantha ever encountered was where to bed her suitor. She wins!

Samantha: 1

Jules: 0


Whether she's at the grocery store or at a business lunch, Samantha oozes sex in every move she makes. Her work outfits are professional (but body-hugging), while her going-out attire is purely sex-stacular. Jules also accentuates her awesome figure but she's a little more modest about it, only showing off one area of her body at a time. Jules is definitely gorgeous, but for pure, unabashed sex appeal, we've got to go with Samantha here.

Samantha: 2

Jules: 0


Samantha's got a legendary posse of friends, with whom she laughs, lunches and laments with throughout the TV series. When it comes to a diverse clan with a variety of opinions, it's hard to top Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. But with their incredibly busy lives, immediate feedback may not always be available.

But since Jules' best friends live next door to her (Ellie) and work with her (Laurie), she's able to get near-instant discussion on her dates. Oftentimes, Ellie will call Jules when she gets home, or go have morning coffee at Jules' house. Laurie sometimes Jules up for work, so the lines of communication with her friends are always open.

Samantha: 2

Jules: 1


Both ladies have plush pads, worthy of hosting their male guests. But Samantha lives in a bachelorette pad. She never needs to worry about drop-in visitors, or anything else that might disturb her dates and/or romps.

Jules has a teenage son, the aforementioned morning guests, plus her trifling ex-husband often makes his way over to her house to raid her fridge for breakfast. Not exactly the kind of place for a peaceful morning-after glow -- or a discreet evening, even.

Samantha: 3

Jules: 1


If there's one thing about Samantha, it's that she owned her sexuality. She had a LOT of sex and never apologized for it.

And then there's Jules, bless her heart, who has her "10-date" rule.

Being a cougar doesn't neccessarily mean you need to hop in the sack with every guy you meet, five seconds after you meet them. Excercising little bit of descretion -- waiting until the second or third date, perhaps -- might be nice. But nothing -- not even a little mystery -- can replace being completely confident. No matter how comfortable Jules gets with dating, she'll never have the Samantha's chutzpah.

Samantha: 4

Jules: 1

Bottom line: Jules makes us roar, for sure, and there's no doubt she's the hottest MILF on today's small screen. But Samantha has years and years of cougar experience on Jules. She's a legend, and it's going to take several more years of dating for Jules to live up to that legacy. But we're eager to sit back and watch her try.