Fantastic Mr. Fox is the Film of the Year

In the end, it was extremely close. Fantastic Mr. Fox is our choice for Film of the Year, and as we're we think that's really saying something. The film held off Inglourious Basterds by the slimmest of margins, joining The Dark Knight and No Country for Old Men as past recipients of Film of the Year.

Not that we're alone in loving this movie: 173 of 187 critics agree. We join in ranking it tops. The San Diego Film and San Francisco Critics are calling it the Best Adapted Screenplay of the year, while the New York Film Critics have Fantastic Mr. Fox as the Best Animated Film of 2009.

Within our own critical brethren the movie nabbed the top slot on Drake's List, finished third on Laremy's top 10, third on Jen Yamato's top 10, and a respectable fifth on Christine Champ's list. Of our 11 voters only one left Fantastic Mr. Fox off her top 10 entirely.

Here's the complete top 10 as voted upon by the staff, writers, and contributor core:

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox (our review)

2. Inglourious Basterds (our review)

3. District 9 (our review)

4. Up (our review)

5. Star Trek (our review)

6. In the Loop (our review)

7. 500 Days of Summer (our review)

8. Bright Star (our review)

9. Avatar (our review)

10. An Education (our review)

Next up: A Best Picture nomination from the Academy? Here's hoping.