The Verdict: James Cameron Gets Really Small and Josh Brolin Looks at Men in Black III

Cameron Trades Alien Planets for Bodyworlds

James Cameron's Avatar isn't out yet, but that hasn't stopped it from being anointed BEST MOVIE EVAR by the Internets. And now speculation has moved on to Cameron's next project, which MTV News just confirmed will be a 3-D remake of 1966's Fantastic Voyage, about a medical team that's miniaturized and injected into a dying man. So far Cameron is only confirmed to produce, but he wrote a script years ago that wasn't good enough for the last attached director -- the man behind Jean Claude Van Damme's Universal Soldier.

Verdict: As long as they bring back the old Disneyland ride where Star Tours used to be, I'll be happy. Aw, crap. That was Adventure Thru Inner Space. And I'm officially old.

Brolin in Men in Black III Talks

Finally, proof that even Will Smith isn't too big a star to recycle an old, poorly aging hit. The L.A. Times reports that Oscar nominee Brolin is being considered to play a young Tommy Lee Jones in a tired time-travel scenario that sounds like it came out of a plot-o-matic story generator. Maybe then they'll adopt an abandoned baby!

Verdict: Mr. Brolin, walk away from the sequel.

Sacha Baron Cohen Sued -- Again

A Palestinian shopkeeper interviewed by Cohen's gay Austrian alter ego in Bruno is suing for 110 million dollars -- 110 million dollars -- because a label under the footage called him a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade militia, and Cohen called him a terrorist on David Letterman.

Verdict: He can call me anything he wants on film for a cool 10 mil. Fine, call it 5, and I'll throw in a back rub.

Finally, a Double Dutch Movie

The guy who co-wrote the really bad dance movie Save the Last Dance and the terrible dance movie Step Up is lined up to direct a feature about jump rope called . . . Jump Around.

Verdict: Next up, thumb wrestling. The guy who co-wrote Save the Last Dance is already in, and it's called Thumbs Up. The foosball movie? That one's going to Spielberg.