Tiger Woods' Wife: Show Me The Pre-Nup

How much is dignity worth to a scorned wife?

According to media reports, Tiger Woods' wife could earn up to $80 million for standing by her man. Details are emerging from the reported re-write of the couple's pre-nuptial agreement, which originally required Elin Nordegren to be married to Woods for 10 years before pocketing $20 million.

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The new deal, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, pays $5 million to Nordegren immediately, plus the original $20 million in two years instead of five. The couple has been married five years already.

But The Daily Beast puts an even bigger price tag on the scandal, claiming Nordegren has been offered as much as $55 million to stay for two years, and up to $75 million for seven years.

Regardless of the amount, if she stays, don't expect to ever hear what really went down on the early hours of Nov. 27 outside Tiger Woods' home. The revised contract includes a non-disclosure agreement, which means no lucrative tell-alls or visits to Oprah.