Should There Be a Third Boondocks Saints Movie?

Now that Boondocks Saints 2 is winding its way around the country in its limited, old-school style regional release pattern, fans of the original are getting to see the film. And while not everyone is happy with the film -- with fan reactions all over the map from loved it to hated it and everywhere in between -- one question is on the forefront of everyone's mind: Will there be another sequel? If you haven't seen the film I won't spoil it for you, so don't worry, but I will say that the film not only leaves the possibility of a third film wide open, but almost seems to promise one. It's not a cliffhanger per se, but it does feel deliberately unresolved as if the characters have to return for another film. So this leads us to ask three invertible questions: Could there be? Should there be? And will there be?

Could there be? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Of course, the end of the film certainly leads one to believe that there will be a third film. It actually didn't need to be as cliffhanger-y as it was; not that the ending needed to be any different, but one of the final sequences takes the "potential" of a sequel and instead makes it seem absolute. Necessary even.

But in order to get this to work there are a number of people that need to return, meaning that they not only need to be convinced to do it, but that their schedules need to match up. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery are easy. Neither caught on as mainstream actors and have become mainstays on the low-budget genre scene. But Clifton Collins Jr.'s star is on the rise, with several prominent roles and a campaign of appearances on the blogging/podcast community driving his value up to a core of what are called "alpha moviegoers" (psst, that's people like you who spend their free time reading about movies before paying to see them). He might find himself with a bevy of offers he can't turn down. Meanwhile, Julie Benz, a main character in this film and supposedly a third, has to schedule around her highly successful (and incredible) TV show Dexter. And if a third film follows the formula of this film, everyone who appeared in the first and second films would also need to clear up time to make special appearances (even if only in dream sequences).

Should there be? This is where I'm torn. While I wouldn't want to see another one of these destroying the memory of the first fantastic film, I also don't want to see it go out like this. I want the Saints to end with a bang, not a whimper. And the only way to do that is to make a third film that guts all the silly fan moments and tells another really great film about these two characters stuck in a very bad situation. The setup we're left with is a perfect vehicle to make something really badass, and I for one would give this franchise a second chance, especially since Duffy is notorious for reacting badly to criticism. After the spate of bad reviews of BDS2, I'm certain he's willing to buck up and make something dark, sinister, and really worthy of his talent.

Will there be? To writ the film has made a paltry $6 million domestically, but with a production budget of only $8 million, it is assured to make its money back and then some with a simple DVD release. Add in fan-targeted Blu-ray sales and you end up with a nice chunk of change that could encourage investors to chip in for one more venture. So will there be? It's very uncertain right now; but Duffy waited 10 years to make this sequel. Who knows? He might wait another 10 to make his third.