Jennifer Lopez: "I Have A Bruised Bone"

Jennifer Lopez may have bruised her bottom -- and her ego? -- when she took a tumble at the American Music Awards, but her sense of humor seems to be intact.

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday, the singer pretended to fall down a flight of stairs before telling Ellen she was "messed up" from the AMAs incident.

"I have, like, a bruised bone," she said.

Lopez blamed the fall -- during a live onstage performance Nov. 22 -- on the sweaty backs of her male dancers.

"One of the dancer's backs was slippery from sweat and lights and everything," she said. "We never bargained for that, because they always had t-shirts on in rehearsal. So ... when I stepped on their backs, my feet got wet. When I landed it just slipped from under me."

J-Lo bravely took to the stage at Ellen's show to duplicate her performance of "Louboutins," back-up dancers and all. But not before Ellen handed her some kneepads and a helmet.