Big Hitter: Iron Man II Poster, DVD Advice, and the Victoria's Secret Live Diary is Tonight!

DVD That Might Interest YouNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian? Terminator Salvation? Nah, let's go for Snatch on Blu-ray. That's a film that looked tremendous on the big screen so I expect it to really thrive in high definition. And with players so cheap this holiday season, you can't afford not to own one. Sorry. Was channeling an infomercial there for a second.

Oscar Thought of the Day

Sandra Bullock is going to get a nomination for The Blind Side. Prepare yourself, because it's gonna happen. Why? Timing. The Academy's memory is about the size of your average hamster. The Blind Side will win this weekend's box-office derby and it's all happening close enough to voting time to have an impact. It will be her first nomination. Bank it.

Press Releases of Note

The Spirit Award Nominees have been announced. Also:

MTV and Twentieth Century Fox partner on an unprecedented livestream event to give fans a unique and interactive look into the much-anticipated Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s epic adventure AVATAR. Presented by LG Mobile Phones, AVATAR LIVE will stream in high-definition (HD) simultaneously on and Facebook on December 3, 2009 at 3:00pm ET/ 12:00pm PT and followed by an all new “Behind the Screen” AVATAR-themed episode on MTV in December.

Which sort of gets back to my "deep thought" from yesterday. Ahem.

Sequel Rumor of the Day

Breaking Dawn WILL be split into two parts. But before it is, we'll hear a ton of rumors while Summit tests the waters.

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets

The Internet was abuzz with news of a new Iron Man II poster featuring War Machine. src="" alt="Iron Man II" width="81" height="120" border="0" align="right" hspace="6">That's it on the right, click for the bigger version.

What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie

Defying all odds, I watched a movie called Brothers. However, tonight I'm live blogging the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. You can read previous versions of said hilarious column below:

2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Live Diary

2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Live Diary

Note: I did do a 2007 version but I believe it has been lost in the archives, most likely to be discovered by scientists in the year 3042.

Deep Thought of the Day

I'm reading an interesting book called Connected; it breaks down social networks in surprising ways. For instance, you've got a greater chance of gaining weight if your friend's friend (who you don't know) does so first. Odd, yes? The book also details the power of voting, but for a different reason than everyone preaches. Rationally, your vote doesn't matter, because no national election has ever come down to one vote (in over 16,000 documented occurrences). So logically, you don't "rock the vote" and your voice doesn't really count. They've been selling you a bill of goods on that front. However, where voting does have huge power is in the influence it has on other friends and family to vote. Basically, all humans (consciously and unconsciously) imitate each other around the clock. So while your vote doesn't have a numerical impact, within your circle of influence you unknowingly touch thousands of lives. And that matters a great deal.

Which brings me to G.I. Joe, Terminator: Salvation, and Transformers 2 (you didn't see that segue coming, did you?). All three films made tremendous amounts of cash, but speaking out against them anyway has a logical framework, namely that you don't want to see huge piles of cash dedicated to "art" like that going forward. You may not win this round, but by mentioning you'd prefer films where the script wasn't written in crayon you may very well be manifesting such an outcome in the future . A worthy goal, no?

I suppose this is what Oprah meant when she discussed "The Secret."

Footnote: If you *like* films like that you needn't do any further work. You've purchased a ticket and the DVD, and Hollywood has heard you loud and clear. You're all set, you don't have to defend your actions because you're the status quo, and the status quo needs no defense.

Videos For You

Yesterday's videos were slightly downtrodden. So let's go upbeat with The Pointer Sisters (as featured in Beverly Hills Cop)!

And we'll get you out of here with a cover of R.E.M.'s "Great Beyond" (from Man on the Moon) by The Fray.