Jon Gosselin Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against TLC

With a beauty queen sex scandal taking over headlines this week, what's an attention-deprived father of eight to do?

File a $5 million lawsuit, of course.

Jon Gosselin is firing back at TLC, the network that made him and his family of eight kids famous on Jon & Kate Plus 8. Ungrateful much?!

Gosselin claims in the lawsuit that the network's reps have damaged his reputation and career. Of course, the newly single dad's carousing with much younger women, palling around with the likes of Michael Lohan, chain-smoking, and unfortunate wardrobe choices had nothing to do with his nosedive in approval ratings, right?

Meantime, Gosselin is due in court next month to answer to a lawsuit filed against him by TLC, which claims he violated his contract by making TV appearances without the network's approval.