VIDEO: Carrie Prejean vs. Larry King

Are we still talking about Carrie Prejean?!The disgraced beauty queen threatened to walk out on a live interview with Larry King Wednesday after being questioned about her reason for settling her lawsuit against the Miss California USA pageant. We all know the reason: It's because of her don't-call-it-a-sex-tape.american idol photosCelebrity Sex Scandals!But for some reason, Prejean decided to get all high and mighty on King and took off her microphone and made motions to leave the set. "I think you're extremely inappropriate right now and I'm about to leave your show," she said to him.This from a gal who made a steamy erotic video at age 17 and spent Wednesday morning talking about it on the Today show. What?! The controversial beauty queen sued the pageant after being stripped of her title. Pageant officials countersued, seeking money they loaned her to get breast implants. You can't make this stuff up, people.