New Moon Actress Goes Nude In PETA Ad

She'd rather go naked than wear (werewolf) fur.

New Moon bit player Christian Serratos, who plays Bella's friend Angela in the upcoming flick, is doing her part to drum up advance publicity for the film. The 19-year-old actress strips for PETA's latest anti-fur ad, in which she poses nude against a tree in the forest.

Just how did Serratos land such a high-profile gig? (We mean the PETA ad, not the movie.) Kristen Stewart and the main vamps (Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene) must have turned PETA down. The link to Twilight seems an odd choice for PETA, since the movie is not exactly animal-friendly. Vampires gotta eat!

The ad is splattered with what is presumably animal blood, bringing to mind vampires and damsels in distress and ... hey! New Moon is out Nov. 20!