Kim Kardashian Gets Punched In The Face

There are probably plenty of people who would like to punch a Kardashian in the face, so the concept behind the fundraiser event "Kardashians Charity Knock Out" wasn't a bad idea in theory.

But as they say, it's all fun and games until someone gets knocked out. Rob Kardashian was floored by a much larger opponent during Tuesday's charity boxing match, in which winning bidders got a chance to box members of the Kardashian clan. Rob wound up in the hospital with a concussion, and sister Khloe Kardashian bowed out of her bout. So did Kourtney's fiance, Scott Disick.

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But family patriarch Bruce Jenner soldiered on, which probably wasn't the best idea given his well-documented history of facial plastic surgery. And surprisingly, Kim Kardashian made it into the ring, in pink boxing gloves and pink shorts. She went home with a black eye for her trouble.

It's all in the name of charity, folks!