Josh Duhamel Denies Stripper Scandal

Are Fergie's lady lumps not enough for Josh Duhamel


An Atlanta stripper continues to make allegations that she had a one-night stand with the actor, who married Fergie in January. The speculation ramps up this week as Us Magazine joins the fray, putting Fergie and Duhamel on their cover with the headline, "Fergie Betrayed."

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Duhamel has denied the claims, joining an exclusive club of actors involved in stripper scandals (we're talking to you, Ben Affleck!).

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The stripper, Nicole Forrester, says she met the actor when he came into the club where she works. Apparently she saved his text messages on her phone and is offering them as evidence of the tryst.

She sold the story to the National Enquirer for $20,000, which makes her story that much more believable.

Meanwhile, other women have come forward, claiming that they slept with Duhamel while he was engaged to Fergie.

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