Kirstie Alley Lands Reality TV Series

Kirstie Alley, everyone's favorite "fat actress," is making a TV comeback. And no, we're not talking about her multiple appearances on Oprah. (We do love it when she overshares with Oprah about diets and sex, though.)

After the limited success of her semi-autobiographical Showtime series Fat Actress, Alley has signed on to a reality series on A&E. She's the perfect fit for a reality show because she'll say and do just about anything, and everyone in America can sympathize with a single mom who's trying raise kids, lose weight and find a good man. Way more interesting than those bozos with 8 kids.

Alley memorably lost 75 pounds as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman, then wore a bikini on The Oprah Winfrey Show. But she later gained it all back -- plus 10 pounds -- and went back on Oprah to confess.

With 10 episodes confirmed, Alley's untitled reality show is expected to air sometime in 2010.