The Girlfriends of George Clooney

At 48, George Clooney shows no signs of settling down. Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer each bet $10,000 he'd be married by 40. They were wrong. Clooney sent back their checks and said "Double or nothing for another 10 years."

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Could Clooney's latest conquest be the one to tame him? Hollywood's most notorious bachelor has lately been squiring Italian model and TV personality Elisabetta Canalis, 30. But if history proves correct, Canalis is no match for Clooney. The striking brunette bears a strong resemblance to previous girlfriends Sarah Larson, Krista Allen and Lisa Snowdon.

Let's take a trip down Clooney's memorable lane:

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Elisabetta Canalis

Clooney's latest lady friend is already a celebrity (as a model and TV personality) in Italy, which has become something of a second home for Clooney. The model and the movie star have been spotted getting cozy at his Lake Como estate, as well as venturing out to red carpets in Venice and Rome. Clooney has also introduced "La Canalis," as she's known in Italy, to his favorite stateside pastimes: the couple spent the summer tooling around Los Angeles on Clooney's motorcycle and double-dating with Matt Damon and his wife. Ah, amore.

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Sarah Larson

Before La Canalis, Clooney dated La Larson, a looklike brunette and former cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. The couple raised eyebrows in February 2009 when they appeared together at the Academy Awards -- notably the first time Clooney had brought a girlfriend to Hollywood's biggest night. Larson wore Valentino on the red carpet and appeared poised to make an honest man out of Hollywood's most notorious bachelor. Alas, wedding bell rumors turned out to be premature, and by May, Larson's 15 minutes were up.

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Krista Allen

This buxom brunette hasn't had much success in her acting career, but she's played a behind-the-scenes role in Clooney's personal life since 2002. The former star of the short-lived Baywatch Hawaii first hooked up with Clooney around 2002, when he cast her in a small role in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. After dating two years, Clooney and Allen split -- but he can't seem to quit her. The couple reportedly tried again in 2006 and again after his 2008 breakup with Larson. No doubt when things with Canalis go sour, Allen will be waiting in the wings.

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Lisa Snowdon

The British model and TV personality -- hmmm, sound familiar? -- dated Clooney on and off for years. They met in 2000 while filming a commercial and have been breaking up and making up ever since. Or until 2006, anyway. Though it didn't work out with Clooney, Snowdon had the distinction of getting chummy with his beloved (and now-deceased) pet Max, a pot-bellied pig. Apparently Max didn't take well to most women, but Snowdon says they got along "famously." You win some, you lose some.

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Celine Balitran

While it may appear that the Gentleman Prefers Brunettes, Clooney bucked the trend with Celine Balitran. Clooney met the French waitress/law student while filming The Peacemaker in Paris, and she followed him to Los Angeles, where she made the rounds on the Emmys red carpet with the handsome star of ER. After three years of dating (and living together), the couple were dunzo. She later married and divorced American director David Rosenthal.

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Kelly Preston

Before he was famous, Clooney lived with girlfriend Kelly Preston (who's now married to John Travolta). But alas, it with Clooney's relationship with a baby potbellied piglet -- a gift to Preston -- that was to endure. After the couple broke up, Clooney took custody of the pig and raised him for 18 years, until his death in 2006. Max was even known to sleep in Clooney's bed, and he sure outlasted all of his lady loves -- so far.

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Talia Balsam

The one and only Mrs. George Clooney hopped a Winnebago and eloped to Vegas with the then-struggling actor shortly after he split from Preston. They divorced after three years together. Clooney has said he didn't give Balsam, an actress, a "fair shot." But all's well that ends well: Balsam is now married to Mad Men star John Slattery, with whom she has one child. She has appeared on her husband's show as his estranged wife.

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Renee Zellweger

Did they or didn't they? The close friends have joked about their rumored relationship in the press: "We're married! Didn't you hear?" Zellweger told Marie Claire in 2008. In a People magazine interview, she again alluded to a secret marriage, saying she vacuums and picks up after the pets. The pals co-starred in the 2008 romantic comedy Leatherheads, which Clooney also directed. But offscreen, it looks like they'll never kiss and tell.