Your Weekend Movie Preview

Hi there!Welcome to our newest weekly feature, your one-stop shopping for planning all your cinematic sojourns. This week we've got trailers, reviews, interviews, photos, and a special treat at the end. Spend five minutes with us and we'll give you the world ... or at least some solid movie advice.First up, the film that should win at the box office, Saw VI. Sadly, they didn't screen Saw VI for critics, so we won't have a review up until Monday. However, we did rank the first five films of the Saw franchise if you're looking to catch up.Next up, here's the review of Amelia, a C-, we also interviewed Hilary Swank (click here).

Moving right along, we come to Astro Boy. We gave the film an above-average C+. Here's the trailer if you want to make your own decision on it.

Here's a The Vampire's AssistantVampire's Assistant gallery.
We also reviewed the film right about here.

Finally, we talked about three of the major releases on the weekend movie preview show. Enjoy!Good luck at the theater this weekend!