Best And Worst Dancing With the Stars Fashion

Even if your favorite person gets eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, it's impossible to boycott the program. After all, seeing the glitzy, glamorous costumes is just as entertaining as the actual ballroom showings.

And we stress the word costumes. These outfits aren't meant to be worn to the grocery store or the mall -- we get that. But just because it's a costume doesn't mean it's not an assault on the eyes.

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Here, we honor some of the best and worst showings so far of the current season:


Mya's jive was on point, and perhaps that's because she felt so awesome in her cute, sparkly, silver and navy flapper outfit. A short bob wig; simple, sequined hair ornament and nylons with a back seam completed her adorable, but not overkill, look.

Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer quickly won our approval during their quick step, with their 1920s-era style. Lacey's lovely, waved hair was secured by a large sequined headband, and her nude-colored dress had a faux-fur stole as a shoulder strap. It was elegant and classy, perfect alongside Mark's sharp slacks/vest, white shirt ensemble.

Mya has gotten really lucky with her outfits thus far in the competition. She performed her Argentine tango in a gorgeous deep/turquoise satin dress covered in white rhinestones. The assymetrical hem made it sexy, and a thick choker made of the same materials as the dress was the perfect accessory. Her hair -- slicked to one side of beautifully crafted curls -- was the icing on the cake.

Kelly Osbourne danced her paso doble to her dad's song, Crazy Train, and her costume reflected the mood of the tune. Her charcoal sequined dress top offered a dash of glitz, but the studded belt gave it rock 'n roll appeal. A spiked hairdo finished off the look that reflected an important part of her family's history. No other contestant could have pulled off this look.

You can't go wrong with basic black, especially if you're a model. Joanna Krupa was stunning in a black, sequined, backless gown during her Argentine tango in week five. Long black gloves, a simple up do and heavy makeup finished off this gorgeous, elegant look -- one that actually could be worn to a glam New Year's Eve party.


DWTS brought out the big, ugly guns for the first dance of this season. It was hard to watch "star" Aaron Carter because Karina Smirnoff's costume was so distracting. A white, feathery bra top resembling a package of Hostess Snoballs was paired with gold, fringed pants -- and in DWTS fashion -- way too many sparkly complements. When you finally averted your eyes to Carter, his creepy lace shirt, unbuttoned to the waistline, offered no relief.

Each week, DWTS manages to turn Joanna Krupa's hair into some horrifying bird's nest. But the combined offenses of her week two jive ensemble qualify her for a "worst dressed" distinction. The black, sequined, studded, fringed, outfit with body-wrapping straps was topped with numerous hair extensions, which were crimped, ratted, braided and scary. It was better suited for a White Snake video than DWTS.

Even if DWTS has 100 more seasons, I feel completely safe in saying that Debi Mazar's week three samba costume will live on as one of the top three most hideous offerings of all time. The fringed, rhinestone bra top with a matching belt, and rhinestone bands around her upper arms were enough on their own. But when paired with her skirt -- which was fashioned from neon-colored boas that looked like something you'd win at the fair after tossing a ring around a bottle neck -- it was a complete monstrosity. And there were so many sparkly accessories in her hair, that some flew out during her dance. It was a misguided, disjointed, hot mess.

Chuck Liddell will be a much better fighter after having been subjected to his samba costume from week three. Chuck will be forced to defend himself even harder in his mixed martial arts bouts, because every competitor he has in the future will likely picture him in this ridiculous clown suit. Tight polyester pants are one thing, but the red, fringe-trimmed shirt with giant, sunset-colored ruffles for sleeves was a laughable look for this macho,macho man.

Dear Melissa Joan Hart: Minnie Mouse called; she wants her outfit back. From the red and white polka dot dress to the white gloves, MJH was a carbon copy of the Disney rodent during her jive number. All she was missing were enormous, black ears.

And while we're at it, Natalie Coughlin made off with Super Girl's outfit in week five during her paso doble. Too bad those red, white and blue wristbands couldn't have deflected the costume designer's idea.

One more complaint in the same color scheme: We are shocked the Fashion Police didn't hand down indictments for the sequined, Republican/Democrat ensembles donned by Tom Delay and Cheryl Burke. We've never been so ashamed of the stars and stripes. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves.