Balloon Boy Family: The Next Jon & Kate?

Is Balloon Boy about to cash in his family's 15 minutes of fame?

TMZ is reporting that the Heene family -- whose 6-year-old son Falcon made headlines yesterday by going missing for hours -- had been shopping a reality show about themselves before Falcon scared the daylights out of a nation by supposedly going for a flying saucer/balloon ride.

Richard Heene, who has appeared on the ABC reality series Wife Swap with his wife and three sons, has reportedly pitched a reality show to TLC and RDF Productions. This adds fuel to the ongoing suspicion that the balloon debacle was a hoax, heightened during a CNN interview in which Falcon said he did it "for the show."

TLC has a vacancy in its lineup now that Jon & Kate Plus 8 is on the way out ... please, TLC, don't replace one national trainwreck with another.