The Best of the Modern Comic Duos

Best comedy duos of all time? The list is long -- Laurel and Hardy, Hepburn and Tracy -- and so are said duos' laugh track records. Best current comic duos? That's a trickier tally, as the days of prolific film franchises starring the same duos in different scenarios (Abbott and Costello in Hollywood, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) has passed (well, maybe Harold and Kumar are trying to revive it). More current chuckle-producing couples' screen relationships are still rather new and upcoming, and whether they will continue to collaborate is uncertain. Still, we thought we'd take a stab at it, selecting some of our duo faves so far whilst sticking to cinema only (excluding many TV contenders: Bateman and Arnett, Carell and Wilson ) and the last decade or so. Will any of them make it to the all-time best duo list? We have high hopes, but only time will tell...

Will Ferrell + John C. Reilly

Talladega Nights, Step Brothers ... only the beginning, we imagine, of what could easily become a fruitful long-term franchise.

Jon Favreau + Vince Vaughn

Though they collaborated on the recent comedy Couples Retreat, their "money" bromance (often with Favreau taking the reins as writer or director) goes way back, baby.

Paul Rudd + Rashida Jones

The lead humor duo in I Love You, Man was officially Rudd and Jason Segel, but there was definitely something special about Rudd and Jones' comic chemistry, and we'd love a repeat pairing.

Michael Cera + Jonah Hill

Superbad wouldn't have been as super funny without the Cera-Hill combo.

Amy Poehler + Tina Fey

Though their film debut, Baby Mama, wasn't phenomenal, we believe this TV-born partnership has definite long-term comedy potential.

Amy Poehler + Will Arnett

Speaking of Poehler ... though both are stand-alone comedy A-listers in the TV realm, together they're double the laughs.

Vince Vaughn + Owen Wilson

Is a Wedding Crashers II out of the question?

We're sure we left out plenty of other deserving duos and duo variations -- Coogan + Catherine Keener (her comic chops are under appreciated), Wilson + Stiller. So please fill in the blanks with any faves you'd like to nominate for best comic duo of today.