10 Films That Make Us Fear Travel

Last week we shared our ode to a few breathtaking films that feed a movie lover's wanderlust. This week, we thought we'd delve into the darker side of the cinematic coin -- movies that give us travel nightmares. And so as not to make the terror meaningless, we've summed up some traveler beware tips learned from each film.

1. Titanic

Traveler beware: Another too-good-to-be-true travel disaster. You won tickets for an "unsinkable" luxury liner's maiden voyage? What could possibly go wrong?

2. Taken

Traveler beware: Any attractive, Parisian man who wants to share a cab with an American girl is only interested in one thing -- her earning potential as a drug-addicted sex slave. Well, in nine cases out of 10, or six out of four, or...

3. Turistas

Traveler beware: On a beach backpacking tour of Thailand, knowing how to swim may be important; on a beach backpacking tour of Brazil, knowing the trained breathing techniques of a Navy SEAL is essential if you need to navigate a flooded cave with organ harvesters on your tail.

4. Deliverance

Traveler beware: Before launching any male-bonding rafting adventure, carefully consider the course. Ask yourself, how treacherous are the rapids ... how inbred and armed are the locals?

5. 1408

Traveler beware: The hotel manager clearly informed you 1408 is "an evil fucking room" yet you bunk there anyway? Well then, don't be surprised when the room includes a complimentary hangman's noose for "express checkout."

6. An American Werewolf in London

Traveler beware: If it howls like a werewolf, looks like a werewolf, and bites like a werewolf, it's probably a werewolf (and now so are you), no matter what the shady Yorkshire townsfolk say.

7. Dead Calm

Traveler beware: Things to pack for your romantic sailing vacation -- a healthy sense of skepticism when rescuing the tweaky sole survivor of a sinking ship (and call the coast guard before you board).

The Ruins8. The Ruins

Traveler beware: To sum up so far, don't sleep in cursed hotel rooms, don't share cabs with suspicious strangers ... and don't touch strange vines, especially when a Mayan mob is shooting anyone who does (including their own children).

9. Brokedown Palace (a legacy of the Nicole Kidman smuggler classic Bangkok Hilton)

Traveler beware: Check your bags, check your bags, and check again before you approach Thai customs (yo' momma didn't raise no drug mule -- did she?).

10. Hostel

Traveler beware: If you're not made of money (or chocolate) and topless beauties don't normally stalk you in your waking hours, chances are the girls-galore Slovakian hostel you're staying in is a tourist torture trap.