Big Brother 11: Jordan Wins Big Brother 11

I didn't care too much for the three hamsters that made it to the end but the format of the finale more than made up for it. Watching the three parts of the final Head of Household competition live on the television show really upped the suspense and entertainment value of the season itself. Do not go back to the old season-ending schedule for Big Brother 12 Allison Grodner!

Where do I start on the show itself last night? I loved that every time Natalie said she'd never backstabbed or lied the audience guffawed. Jordan winning the final HOH competition was almost unbelievable. Julie's questions for the jury and then the questions and remarks from the first four evicted were priceless! It was only fitting that Ronnie was the one to expose Natalie's real age to Jordan. Even more fitting was exposing Jessie's remark to Julie in the HOH room early in the season about his platonic relationship with Lydia. I just knew that Julie would never forget that! I wonder if Lydia felt like she'd been played as a fool after seeing that.

The questions for Natalie and Jordan from the jury were fairly good this season. They've bounced back and forth between being lame and bitter in the previous seasons so it was nice it seemed they actually put some thought into them this time. But how great was Michele's mention of Natalie being 18 years old in her question concerning lying? Natalie just fell right into that trap didn't she?

I want you all to fess up now. A month ago, who among you would have thought that Jordan would be winning Big Brother 11? I know I didn't! I definitely thought the votes would have been closer than what they were though. It was no surprise that Lydia voted for Jordan to win over Natalie because she's been awfully bitter about her in the jury house the whole time. I was absolutely shocked that Jessie voted for Jordan to win though. I guess Lydia really did crawl up into his head and poison him against Natalie. Oh well, I don't mind!

Congratulations Jordan! I was a fan of yours for about half the season and then not so much the rest. But you won what you needed to in the end to ensure yourself a place in the final two so I have to give you credit for that. Enjoy the half million and I hope Jeff takes you on that trip to Hawaii!

I will be posting links to videos and interviews here on Silly Hamsters as they're posted across the web. So while the season has ended, the posts here haven't. Keep an eye out on SuperPass today because Chelsia Hart's post-season interviews from the backyard of the house will be posted there. Also, be sure to check out Express Lunch and a special BB Hour on SuperPass today beginning at 12:00 PM PT. You also might enjoy what will be shown on the feeds Friday and Saturday evening. Can you say live streams from the Big Brother party in Las Vegas?

So what did you all think about the show last night? Are you happy with how things turned out? What were your favorite parts of the show? What did you think about having a two-hour finale? Did you like the new schedule for the final week of Big Brother? Tell me anything and everything you want about this season in the comments!

Update at 11:00 AM - Here are a few interviews with Jordan. There will be more to come later!

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Watch CBS Videos Online

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