Jordan Wins Big Brother 11

Jordan Lloyd is the winner of Big Brother 11. The 23-year-old North Carolinian won by a 5-2 vote, defeating Natalie Martinez. She is the first woman to win Big Brother since Season Six.

Jordan had struggled in competitions during the season, but won the final head of household competition over Kevin Campbell and then voted to evict him. Natalie had been the season's primary schemer, but feelings about her seemed to harden in the jury house, as she received votes only from Kevin and Russell. Even Jessie, Natalie's primary ally in the game, ended up voting against her. Jordan also received the first-ever jury vote cast by viewers, which became necessary when Chima was removed from the game for insubordinate behavior.

Other highlights of the final episode included revelation of Natalie's biggest lie during the season, pretending to be 18 when she is actually 24; Jessie having to own up to less-than-platonic activities with Lydia; and Jeff, Jordan's house sweetheart, winning a $25,000 prize as America's favorite houseguest.