Big Brother 11: Come To The Light

All I can say is thank goodness Michele used the Power of Veto on herself yesterday. For awhile she scared the living mess out of us watching her run around trying to make deals to keep herself and Jeff in the house this week. As if! Natalie and Kevin know they need to take Jordan to the end to have a chance at winning. There was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks they would get rid of Jordan before Jeff or Michele.

I'm tired of seeing Jeff mope around the house and am ready for him to go. I'm also tired of seeing Jordan believe everything that comes out of Natalie's mouth. Jeff has tried to tell Jordan she needs to do some talking with Michele and string both her and Natalie along. But seriously Jeff, Jordan's not smart enough to do that. Besides, there's not really much of a need for her to do that because Jordan is not Kevin's, Natalie's, or Michele's next target. I believe that Jordan is completely safe until final three.

For those of you hoping that Jeff's key was going to somehow save him in the game, you can forget about it. Jeff told everybody that it was worthless in the game. However, Big Brother did finally tell the hamsters how much money they won in that lame Pandora's Box twist/activity thing. Jordan received a check for $1726, Jeff received $3181, Natalie received $1900, Michele received $2563, and Kevin received the remainder of the $10,000 (he was locked in the room while the others gathered money) which amounts to $626. Why does it not surprise me that Jordan gathered the least amount of money?

Now, I would like to change subjects a little bit. I would particularly like to hear from the Jeff fans on this. I am wondering how in the world Jeff can still have so many fans out there. Now don't get upset at me because I am really befuddled about this.

He used the Coup d'Etat and got Jessie out. Other than that, the rest of his moves haven't been so slick. Helping to evict the weak and emotional wreck known as Lydia instead of Natalie during Jordan's HOH week was a super move wasn't it! And then getting rid of Russell instead of Natalie was superb!

Some say he's a nice young man in the house. Nice as opposed to Natalie? OK, I'll give you that. But nice in general? Seriously? And yeah, he's a good-looking man but is that another reason why you're supporting him? If so, did you also support Evel Dick for that same reason?

So let me have it Jeff fans! Tell me why you love this man so much. Also, how glad is everybody that Michele used the POV on herself rather than Jeff? And finally, do you think Jeff has any chance to stay in the house this week over Jordan? Let me know in the comments!

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