Big Hitter: DVD Thoughts, My Zipcar Debacle, and a Tort Video!

DVD That Might Interest You

Gladiator on Blu-ray looks tempting. "Are you not entertained??" Plus former actor Joaquin Phoenix in full-on creepy mode. State of Play was an interesting (though flawed) look at politics and newspapers in the modern age. Last up, I get a pretty big kick out of Earth on Blu-ray. I'm a sucker for nature.

Deep Thought of the Day

As a member of a one-car family I often use the Zipcar service to get to movie screenings. Take today, for instance -- as I type this I was supposed to be at All About Steve. Unfortunately, as I discovered while driving, my rented Zipcar had expired temporary plates. So I turned back, because I can't imagine how complicated it is to get a ticket while in a car that's not even yours. Would I pay it? Would they pay it? Would my insurance just automatically go up even though it wasn't a moving violation? Additionally, I figured once I realized the plates were expired it was my legal and ethical duty to return the car immediately ... so as not to be complicit in any additional law-breaking.

Which brings us to a relevant aside. Two months ago I was 30 minutes late in returning a Zipcar. For this I was charged $50. I actually thought this was fair, as theoretically I could have held up someone's plans and it was my own fault the car was late. So I didn't complain a bit. It wasn't willful negligence on my part but it was definitely a failure of organization. But I ask you, dear reader, will the same rules apply to Zipcar for foiling my screening plans? Will they fine themselves on my behalf? Will my money be refunded as my experience was perfectly pointless and completely stressful? We shall see.

However, I bring this up not only to complain for a bit (mission accomplished!) but to point out the bigger issue of when thing go wrong without an identifiable culprit. Many times plans/lives/people are derailed not by an active malicious intent, but instead by the little things. You stop short at a red light and get hit from behind. Your mail is delivered to the wrong place and you miss a bill. Someone doesn't know the ingredients of an item and feeds you an allergen. None of these scenarios is "on purpose" but the sum effect is the same: You're in an accident, your credit rating is hurt, you're in the emergency room for a nut allergy. It occurs to me that overall awareness is the real enemy in our lives, as there are very few villains left. We're victims of blameless crimes all the time; we try to stay positive because what can you do? I don't have the answers, it's just a conundrum I run up against constantly. With no great enemy to rail against we're left feeling apathetic. You can't beat the credit card company, you can't beat the insurance folks, you don't quite get how your taxes should go this year. All of them are potential catastrophes in your life -- and yet awareness of the entire situation is the hardest thing in the world to gain. And that's something none of us can zip away from effectively.

**Update** -- Zipcar refunded my money and gave me a credit. Solid customer service, I give them the Laremy seal of approval.

Oscar Thought of the Day

Erin Nolan tagged in with a few Academy Award thoughts -- I would say it's between Nine and Invictus. They both have an impeccable pedigree. The only thing left? To actually show us the films. I'm looking forward to it.

Sequel Rumor of the Day

Fantastic Four is getting a reboot. That's a can't miss, right? Oh. Never mind.

Videos For You

When someone is bold enough to make a music video about something as esoteric as Tort Law ... well, let's just say that's getting its due.