Big Hitter: New Moon Trailer, Green Hornet Gets a Villain, and Megan Fox's Box Office Chances

What I'm Seeing This Week

It's a big week for screenings. Jennifer's Body is tonight, and I'm going to be one angry fella if the song from the band Hole isn't prominently used. Tuesday brings Love Happens, a film that looks to be the final salvo in Jennifer Aniston's faltering movie career. There's a showing of Bright Star on Wednesday that I should probably see for Academy Award purposes. Finally, on Thursday Capitalism: A Love Story is being shown to press ... in preparation for a potential Michael Moore interview. Compelling!

What I Saw Last Week

Whiteout and The Informant!. I gave my scathing take on Whiteout here; clearly the people listened, too -- the film made about $20 at the theater this weekend. As for The Informant!, sorry, studio rules prevent that opinion until Friday. Rules are the worst.

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets

A trailer has been released for Michael Jackson's This Is It. To me this feels like a massive cultural miss. The details trickling out surrounding Jackson's death have to have turned people off to seeing his "last moments," right? I mean, at that point you're pretty much watching Faces of Death and no longer celebrating the songs ... which is what people responded to in the first place after he passed away. Perhaps I'm way off, but I think the two-week "special engagement" could end up sparsely attended.

Next up, it looks like Christoph Waltz (who stole Inglourious Basterds) has already leveraged his newfound public awareness into Sony's Green Hornet project, where evidently he'll play the villain, Chudnofsky. I have no idea how Green Hornet will turn out, but I definitely want to see Waltz succeed, up to and including an Oscar win for his portrayal of Hans Landa.

Press Releases of Note

Here's that new Twilight Saga: The New Moon trailer. Enjoy it.

Deep Thought of the Week

I think we learned a tremendous amount of good lessons from Tom Skerritt's Viper in the hit film Top Gun, which is why it was so dispiriting to see him slumming it in Whiteout this weekend. The man taught us to have confidence in ourselves, to not go below the hard deck, and that our father was the best damn fighter pilot he ever saw. Plus, he was a master of ambush tactics and filled out a dress white uniform nicely. Oh, and he never wanted us to leave our wingman. You get the idea.

But it's clear that most actors can't tell a good script from a bad one. On paper Whiteout might look decent, and the paycheck might look even better, but I think they all just hope for the best once the film is released. Very few actors have a reliable filter, you can find a bomb on almost everyone's resume. The best in the business at picking projects? In no particular order, Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Those four seem to consistently be in both the box office and critical accolade conversations. Everyone else is just throwing darts.

src="" alt="Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body" width="162" height="221" align="right" hspace="6"/>Early Box Office Take

Sorority Row only bringing in an estimated $5.3 million doesn't portend well for this weekend's fellow R-rated slasher flick Jennifer's Body. But Megan Fox has to be at least three times the draw of Audrina Patridge, right? So $15 million for Jennifer's Body seems doable, allowing it to finish ahead of The Informant! and Love Happens. However, the easy winner of the weekend should be Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It's getting those 3-D dollars and there hasn't been anything released in the demo for a few weeks.

Videos For You

The song I listened to while writing this article, Metric's "Sick Muse" -- I particularly like the turn of phrase "You said look at me ... and looked away."