Big Brother 11: One Big Mystery

I am still pretty upset about last night's part of the Head of Household competition. I'm not especially upset at who won per se but what ticks me off is that Kevin and Natalie were both caught not following the rules and nothing was done.

After the live feeds finally returned post show, we heard production telling the hamsters that they have to face poolside (forward). However, Kevin spent at least half the competition facing towards his right. He seemed to be focused on a gear that was responsible for making the log turn. And then there was Natalie who was caught holding on to her rope instead of her key.

Jordan was the only one who followed the rules last night and wound up being the first one out. Her being out first didn't surprise me but Kevin and Natalie should have been disqualified long before Jordan slipped off the log. If that had happened, Jordan would have won last night.

Allison Grodner is switching up the schedule for this final week of Big Brother. What has happened in seasons past is the second part of the Head of Household competition would have been held today (the next day after endurance part of the competition) and then the third part of the HOH competition is shown live on Thursday's show.

That's not happening this year. Julie told us last night that the second part of the HOH competition will be shown live on Thursday's show. At first, I just thought Julie had messed up and meant third part. But oh no! Julie was right.

In this interview with Allison Grodner, she confirms what Julie said was correct. But the rest of the schedule is a mystery because Allison won't spill with the details.

So what do you think about Kevin winning the first part of the HOH competition last night? What did you think about the live show and Michele's eviction last night? I still can't get over Natalie's goodbye message to Michele. What a bitch! Finally, how do you think the schedule is going to play out the rest of this season?

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