Big Brother 11: It's Raining Money

How fantastic was last night's show? And two great shows in a row at that!

The Pandora's Box segment was awesome. Kevin was so freaked out when his hand was stuck (grabbed) inside the box. And then when he saw the others grabbing for cash that was raining down on them? Even more hilarious! Of course, the funniest part was when he told Natalie and Jeff that they had to find the key to keep the money.

It turns out they never had to find the key at all. All the key did was release Kevin so that he was able to cash in on some action too. Natalie and Jeff were all about the greed. Natalie wasn't interested in finding the key at all. Jeff only looked for the key after Kevin lied to him and told him that if the key wasn't found and used to release him from the box then nobody would get the money they'd gathered.

Even then, Jeff was going to wait and not use the key on Kevin until all the money was collected. Fortunately for Kevin, he was released in time to collect a paltry $626. But how would you like to have been in his shoes watching everybody only concerned about themselves and not him? Especially Natalie, his partner in crime!

The Morph-O-Matic Power of Veto competition was a great one. I liked the alien spin they put on all of the morphs and thought the hamsters all looked great in their space suits. Some of those pictures were creepy weren't they? Jeff was really upset when he saw Jordan's time of 5 minutes 9 seconds. If you'll remember, the best scenario for Jeff would have been if Jordan had won POV.

Alas, Jordan winning the POV was not to be. Michele smoked everybody with a time of 1 minute 52 seconds. Natalie came in second place with 2 minutes 55 seconds while Jeff came in third place with 3 minutes 1 second. Kevin found himself in next to last place with 3 minutes 5 seconds. The looks on Michele's, Jeff's, and Jordan's faces told the entire story. Congratulations to Michele on winning the TV, sound system, and blu-ray DVD player!

Of course, Michele took herself off the block and Kevin put Jordan up in her place. The pity party from Jeff leading up to the POV ceremony was unreal. What was more unreal though was hearing Michele say in the diary room that she wants Jordan to go home so that Jeff can stay and they can target Natalie. Yeah right Michele. You just want some alone time with him! Besides, you can beat Natalie yourself. You don't need Jeff there to do it. I just hope that Michele sticks around for the final three!

What did you think about the show last night? How hilarious were their diary room clips shown after the Power of Veto competition? Jordan saying she wants to go so that Jeff can stay and Natalie commenting on Michele's few brain cells. Whatever! And did anybody catch Russell's picture being in color in the opening credits? Things that make you go hmmmm....

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