Big Brother 11: Brace Yourself

I have some bad news for a lot of you out there. Take a couple of breaths and try to remain calm. Kevin won the Power of Veto competition! The competition was a physical and mental one and had to do with when things happened in the house on and vote counts with everybody. From what Kevin said when the feeds came back, there were some technical problems involving Michele's and Jordan's part of the competition and he was glad for that. And no, Natalie did not compete in it.

I know that many of you are upset at this news. Personally, I really wish that Michele had won. She's in real danger of going home now. Kevin will, of course, remove himself from the block and Jordan will have to go up in his place. Also, Kevin is the only one voting to evict this week. So the choice is all his.

Will he vote to evict Michele or Jordan? Well duh! He's going to vote to evict Michele and Jordan is going to skate on through to the final three. Michele knows she'll be leaving too. She knows there is no way that Kevin or Natalie want her to continue in the game because it would hurt their chances of winning. Short of a miracle, there is no way Michele won't be evicted on Tuesday.

One thing the hamsters don't know at this point is that the POV meeting will be on Tuesday instead of Monday. That's because the meeting will be held during the live show. They'll probably figure it out when Monday comes and goes and there is no meeting held. Either that or the diary room will tell them all about it first.

So what are your thoughts on Kevin winning the POV? Spill it folks!

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