Big Brother 11: Something's Up

The feeds returned a little bit ago from what we thought were nominations. It turns out they haven't had nominations yet. The second part of Pandora's Box is in play right now!

What I've heard so far is that there were visitors in the house. There were some smelly babies saying 'Da Da' as well as a roach that sprayed something on somebody. Whatever they did caused the house to stink and Kevin to spray air freshener all over the place.

The biggest thing I've got out of everything so far is that Natalie won't be able to play for the Power of Veto. I'm sure many of you will be happy about that. A bunch of the furniture is messed up and thrown around in the house and there are limes tossed around. Natalie told the others that this was a bad Pandora's Box. OK Kevin, enough with the air freshener! *cough cough*

I have no idea what's going on yet. What do you think?

Update at 6:08 PM - Now Natalie is telling Kevin up in the HOH room that she chose to spend time with her boyfriend in the house for 20 minutes (where he proposed to her) in exchange for not playing in the POV competition. I'm not trusting her for some reason (haha). Natalie just told the others what she told Kevin and they're not sure about what she's telling them. The nomination ceremony is coming up and Natalie will be dressed in her robe, blow-up crown, and pool stick (as a scepter). Queen Natalie is getting ready to hold court.

Update at 6:15 PM - Natalie's telling them that opening up Pandora's Box could unleash something bad on her or something bad on the house. She went with it and opened envelope #2 which told her she could spend time with a loved one in the house in exchange for not playing in the POV. There was a clue and it was her boyfriend up on the screen. Natalie tells them all that she took it and met with her boyfriend for 20 minutes where he proposed to her.

She says she was locked in Pandora's Box the whole time and didn't know what was going on in the house at the time. All she knew was that she couldn't play for POV. When it was over, she had to stay in her room so she started screaming to make it seem like she was playing a joke on everybody.

Mmmmmm. Weird.

Update at 6:30 PM - OK, now we know Natalie's lying. She just said that Jason (her boyfriend or fiance or whatever) say Jessie profess his love to Natalie. Jordan was shocked at that and asked what Jason said in return. According to Natalie, Jason said, "How could he not fall in love with you?" Say wha?

I'm thinking that Natalie got to spend a little bit of time with a jury member or was told she'd be spending some time with a jury member later. None of this is making any sense at all. What is evident from all of this is that none of them seem to believe Natalie. Kevin actually knows that Natalie's lying because he tried to help her come up with an excuse earlier. He doesn't know what actually happened because Natalie gave him the same song and dance about meeting with Jason. But it's obvious that Kevin's pissed at being the only one having to fight for his removal from the block.

Update at 8:15 PM - Feeds have returned and Natalie did put Michele and Kevin on the block. It also sounds like Natalie wore her 'queen' outfit. Kevin is pretending to be upset at her right now and Jordan is paying close attention to it and then spacing out. The girl can't seem to focus. Too bad this whole thing will confuse the hell out of her as this Kevin/Natalie fight is fake and was planned beforehand. All of us are just waiting for the POV competition at this point.

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