Big Brother 11: The Friday Wrap

I see from the last post that most of you have pretty strong feelings about Natalie. It doesn't surprise me at all but some of you are really upset! I'm confused about some of the reasons why. The biggest reason that keeps popping up is that she's a liar.Well of course she is! They all were and are. That's part of playing the game. Was she nasty with some people at times? Absolutely! But again, they all have been. Don't get me wrong, she did tell some lies in the house that didn't need to be told. But nobody can deny that her lies have also turned the house upside down and changed the game on a few occasions. Besides, who wants to watch a bunch of Sam and Susie Sunshines for almost three months? Not me! Bring on the drama!When the feeds returned after the show last night, it wasn't long until they went to the fishes. The reason for that is they had a luxury competition that needed to be taken care of before Big Brother After Dark began. All of them wound up getting some nice new clothes. Let's just hope that Natalie doesn't wear that black tank top to death that Michele gave her last night though!You should check out Julie Chen's and Ross Matthews' interviews with Jeff below. They're actually pretty funny! Also, definitely read Julie Chen's newest blog post up over at I wish she would write more often!Natalie told Kevin last night that she'll be nominating him and Michele for eviction. She doesn't think Jordan has a chance in hell at winning the POV competition and Natalie wants Michele gone this week. Natalie had better hope that she wins POV herself or that Kevin does. If not, Kevin will be a goner. But I'm sure that Natalie doesn't care about that though because as long as Jordan gets through to the next round she'll be a happy camper.What do you all think about Jeff's videos below? And what about Natalie's plans? Anybody have an idea yet what's going on with the second part of Pandora's Box?

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