Big Brother 11: A Big Decision

There's no question about it. Kevin will have to make a major decision this evening. Will he decide to get rid of Michele or will he throw Jordan to the curb?

Natalie wants him to vote to evict Michele but is that the right move for Kevin? The way I see it, Kevin would have a harder time winning the final HOH competition with Michele still in the house but would have a greater chance at winning the $500,000 if she was in the final two with him. On the other hand, he could steamroll Jordan in the final Head of Household competition but wouldn't have a shot at winning the money if he was up against Jordan or Natalie in the end.

A final two deal with Michele would be the best thing for him and I would like to think that he still has that in the back of his mind. I don't think he does however. Kevin will wind up doing what Natalie wants even though he doesn't trust or believe her. That's unfortunate for him.

On tonight's show, we're going to see the POV competition (look for weird editing breaks due to the technical problems that occurred during it) and then we'll see the live Power of Veto ceremony. Following that will be the beginning of the three-part Head of Household competition. It's usually endurance so be sure to fire up your live feeds after the show finishes. By the way, Natalie plans on throwing the first part of the competition to Kevin.

Have you been voting for your favorite hamster to win $25,000? If so, who have you been voting for? Who do you want to win the first part of the HOH competition tonight? And finally, do you think it would be best if Kevin evicted Michele or Jordan tonight? What would you rather he do? Can't wait to read your responses.

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