Big Brother 11: Natalie Comes Clean

Let's just get this one major thing out of the way concerning tonight's Big Brother. Natalie was actually telling the truth!

I don't know about all of you but I was shocked as heck that Natalie really did meet with her ex-boyfriend or boyfriend or now fiance in the second part of Pandora's Box. It has been a while since the show finished airing here and I'm still a little dumbfounded. I'm sure a lot of people are still just as amazed as I am. I watched Natalie tell all about this visit on the feeds and was positive she was lying. With all of her stammering and stuttering and crazy hand gestures and facial expressions, I just knew she wasn't telling the truth. Turns out I was wrong though!

Did it give any of you the heeby jeebies watching them kiss? Ick! And I don't know about you but she didn't seem too excited when he proposed to her. Most women I know (including myself) would have (and have) freaked out when being proposed to. She just seemed kinda bleh about it all. The woman didn't even shed a tear.

And what was up with that stupid final two reversal story? Nobody believed her and it pissed Kevin something off something bad. Natalie did finally come clean about everything but they still didn't believe her because of her lying to them in the first place. Even after Natalie had told Kevin everything up in the HOH room, he was still doubting her story.

To me, that was the big part of the show. Well that and all of Kevin's diary room entries. That Kevin is a funny guy in a catty way. His diary room sessions are certainly better than all of the others. Every time he called Natalie a 'biznatch' it cracked me up! It's just too bad that his sense of humor is mostly absent in the house and he's taken on the same bitchy personality as Natalie.

Speaking of bitchy, can you believe Natalie's outfit that she wore for the nomination ceremony? When Kevin said she had HOH-itis after five seconds, he wasn't lying. We all saw the change in her during the live show after she won Head of Household. But to actually don her HOH robe, blowup crown, and the pool cue bridge as her sceptre was so low class. Her being queen of the house really makes me want to vomit sometimes.

It's interesting how they set everything up for Tuesday's show. They would like for the viewing audience to believe that Natalie and Kevin are both going after each other. Too bad that's not really the case at the moment. It was just a case of them using footage of Natalie and Kevin blowing smoke up everybody's asses to make them feel safe.

So what did you all think about the show? How much did you love Kevin's diary room sessions? And what about Natalie's Pandora Box experience? Did you think she was lying about meeting Jason too? Did you enjoy the luxury competition like I did? Who are you voting to win the $25,000 in America's Vote? Let me know!

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