Big Brother 11: Best Moments

I can't believe the season is almost over and there is only one more show left. That is what makes the clip show so fun to watch. We saw hamsters we haven't seen in a while and remembered why we loved and/or hated them. Besides, there's nothing else to watch on the feeds at this point in time. It's the same way every season and this one is no exception. So why not enjoy a clip show?

I don't care what anybody thinks but the best part of the show (and of the season) was when Chima was expelled. Chima was a straight up spoiled rotten wannabe diva and it was absolutely delicious to watch her get kicked out of the house again. Don't sit down. Don't pass Go. Don't collect $200. Just get the hell out.

Jessie's funeral on Day 40 was another great moment of the season. I remember watching Lydia, Natalie, and Chima carry on about his eviction on the live feeds that night and it was beyond pitiful. The edited version with the sad music in the background and Kevin's reactions at the dining room table and in the diary room made it so much better. I really hope those women watch that clip when the game is over and see how foolish they looked.

No matter what I think about Jeff and Jordan personally, they made a really cute couple in the house. Their conversations made me laugh out loud many many times. Sharks are gross! I want to be a pretty fish. I'll be a squirrel because they live in neighborhoods. You'll take the ring I give you. I can't believe I'm engaged. They're not the brightest bulbs in the room but they are cute.

But hey, Jeff did do one thing right. He used the Coup d'Etat that we gave to him and used it to get the person out that we wanted him to. Adios Mr. Pectacular! We also enjoyed watching him go off on Miss I'm Not Shlurring My Words. That was a fun afternoon in the house. It was nice to see Mr. Hose really give it to Lydia!

Some of the other interesting moments included in the clip show were Casey in his banana suit, Jordan chest-bumping Russell, and Michele's sleep talking. And who could dislike watching Ronnie cry like a little girl? Boo freaking hoo! I certainly didn't feel sorry for Ronnie when Russell was shadowing him. Natalie's over-the-top reaction towards bugs is also always good to watch when you're feeling blue. By the way, where were Laura and Braden?

So what were your favorite moments from the clip show? Do you have any favorite moments from this season that were left out of the show? And what about the competitions? Did you have a favorite one this season? I'm also curious to know what you thought about the Have Nots situation. Is that something you'd like Big Brother to incorporate into the twelfth season? Did you like voting for the silly food for the Have Nots to eat with their slop or do you think it was a waste? Do you think there's a better way they could have done this? Let me know in the comments!

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