Big Brother 11: Chima's Gone

Oh happy days! The bitch is gone! Chima actually up and quit! We all know how pissy she's been since the Coup d'Etat was announced. Her attitude got worse while she was HOH. And when Jeff used his wizard power, it got downright ugly.

Ever since Thursday evening, Chima's craptastic behavior has been off the charts. Natalie's and Lydia's attitudes haven't been great either but Chima's was just out of this world. Last night, the hamsters received a present from Big Brother in the form of a large ramp platform covered in fake grass with a snail on it that you had to putt a golf ball around.

It was decided that the Three Bitches of Big Brother would continuously practice on it so that nobody else except for themselves and Kevin would get a chance to partake in the the fun. So Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell sat in the backyard about to explode while watching. Chima decided to finally come out from under the blanket she'd been hiding under since the nomination ceremony and join her fellow coven members in the backyard.

She didn't put her microphone on though! When Big Brother told her to put it on she decided she didn't want to. Kevin, being the nice chap that he is, went inside and brought her microphone pack to her in the backyard. What did Chima do? She tossed it in the pool (10:00 PM). Big Brother provided her with a replacement mic pack and she eventually put it on (after telling Big Brother to suck a ****).

And so the night went. Jeff and his crew eventually go to practice on the platform. Chima continued to roost on the washing machine so that others couldn't get to it. Chima then turned off her microphone around 11:10 PM. Lydia suggested to Chima they hide Russell's hat. Chima eventually hid the hat in the Have Nots room. Lydia suggested they go to the HOH room and take some of Michele's things but they never made it that far.

The feeds went to fishes around 1:15 AM and stayed that way for over an hour. When the feeds came back up, Chima was nowhere to be found. Lydia and Natalie were hanging out by the hot tub while the others were in the kitchen. Eventually, the talk in the kitchen turned to how somebody was going to have to replace Chima on the block and how things are going to play out this week.

So there you have it folks. Chima's gone! How do you think her exit is going to affect the game this week? I wonder if there will be just one person going home this week or if they will keep it a double eviction week. Who is going to replace Chima's vote in the jury house? Might Ronnie or the other houseguests be that seventh vote? Or will America get to be that vote instead? It's all so crazy!

Are you glad that Chima's gone? What's your take on everything?

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