Big Hitter: Scrubs, Oscar Talk, and Intervention

DVD That Might Interest You
The final season of Scrubs! As one of the most consistent shows on television, it's good that the show received a proper ending. Cameos from Courteney Cox and of course the Sarah Chalke / Zach Braff series finale highlight what's pretty much a must own for me. Now if only they'd sent me a copy ...

Oscar Thought of the Day
You've got to like Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds for Best Supporting Actor. A nomination is a mortal lock, but I say we get the bandwagon really rolling and support a victory. How many other actors are fluent in four languages and can pull off a mind defying Tarantino character?

Press Releases of Note
The DiCaprio - Scorcese team-up Shutter Island has been pushed to the dumping ground of February. So what happened? I have no inside information, but the trailer looks very ... typical. Yeah, you've got huge talent in Leo and Marty -- but if the script wasn't there, what could they do? Take a look and see what you think.

Sequel Rumor of the Day
Looks like Hancock 2 is going to happen. Hopefully this crop of writers won't bang us over the head with foreshadowing.

Today's Movie Stories on the Internets
If you're a Hollywood director there's a 93 percent chance you're also a white male. Staggering, no? You're also probably about 45 years old. Thus the cycle is complete. The teens and 20 year olds of the world are unilaterally buying the product of their father's creation.

What I Watched Last Night Besides a Movie
Intervention on A&E. It's just a horrifically sad look at addiction. Never have I been so pleased that my vices are books, movies, video games, and music. Oh, and cheese. But none of those quite affects my life like meth, heroin, and crack. Yeeps, if you can make it through more than two episodes in a row you're a stronger person than I.

Deep Thought of the Day
My alert friend Amanda sent me this NY Times piece entitled "A-List Stars Flailing at Box Office."

I have a number of thoughts, though the article does a pretty good job of broaching my concerns. First off, limited data set. One summer season maketh a study not. Secondly, I think the idea of a "A-List Star" was always propagated by the studio first and foremost, and it was always a function of simple math. If they could pay the "star" $15 million and guarantee themselves $75 million in box office based on hyping the name ... well, then it made sense. Only now it doesn't, for the studios in particular. Two hundred films get a decent-sized release and it's all about that week one box office. And what works better for a huge opening splash? Effects films. Thus the transition into comic book and cartoon adaptations. So the idea of "A-List Stars" was always an artificial thing, and now it's probably being artificially killed to suit the the negotiating needs of the studio. It all adds up to one simple fact staring us all in the face: If you can figure out how to make a cheap effects film you're a big winner.

Videos For You
Enjoy seven minutes in heaven with David Caruso. This puppy really gets going when Caruso says "No need now ... the verdict is in."