Big Brother 11: On The Block Again

How much drama could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck drama? I don't know! I bet it would take more than one though to deal with the drama in the Big Brother house lately.

Earlier today, the Have Nots competition was held. All that's really important about this is that it was messy and it took Chima forever to get the mess out of her hair. OK, that's not all that's important. There are no Have Nots this week. Everybody played as a group to earn food for days of the week. It seems they'll be eating regular food every day except for one. So I suppose that the food we voted for will be the supplement for that sole day.

They also won two of the three luxury prizes offered in the competition. One of the prizes is the always popular backyard grill. When they came back inside, guess what was waiting for them? The smaller table! It just got a little more real up in there.

Before the nomination ceremony today, Natalie and Chima went up to Michele to campaign for their lives. Nat sounded like a stumbling bumbling idiot when she talked to Michele. It's so obvious that she has no game and Jessie was her crutch the entire time. Michele told Natalie that there is just one person she wants to go home this week and the other two would be pawns. Let's see, who does Michele want gone? Haha!

Chima did a much better job of campaigning to Michele but Michele really just didn't want to hear it. Her mind was made up and nothing that Chima could have said to her would have changed it. Chima did her damned best to make Russell out to be the "Muslim extremist terrorist" that she believes him to be. (Yes, she actually called him that today behind his back.) Chima also pulled the women's alliance card but Michele didn't waiver. She told Chima that she's going to do what she has to do and wished her luck this week.

Lydia's, Natalie's, and Chima's poor attitudes has really been getting on my nerves. They threatened to quit the show last night in the diary room but Big Brother was able to bribe them with beauty products to stay. They messed with Russell's and Jeff's belongings and bedding last night. Chima even took Jeff's rosary and hid it! They eulogized Jessie in the kitchen last night while downing his wine.

They continue to make smartass comments to Russell and Jeff every time they're around. They threatened this morning before the Have Nots competition to not take cold showers and eat regular food even if they lost and said they'd take a penalty nomination for it. They've threatened to throw buckets of something on people after the POV ceremony is held on Monday. They're taking the washer and dryer hostage with shoes and clothes that don't need to be washed so that the others can't do their laundry.

Why is Big Brother letting them get away with this pissy behavior? Let them walk if they want. Ladies, and I use that word loosely, get the hell out of the house if you don't like it. Take your loose lips, bad hair, fake laughs, and pre-teen temper tantrums and mood swings and just get on down the road.

Who knows? They just might do that! I have a feeling tonight is going to be a really good night for the live feeds!

Are you still waiting to find out who was nominated? You're in luck because now we know for sure. Chima and Natalie are up on the block! Something obviously happened during or after the nomination ceremony because the feeds were on trivia for more than an hour-and-a-half. When the feeds came back on, Jeff was up in the HOH room saying they'd better not put lotion on his things. Natalie was reading the rule book and saying that there is a rule about covering up the cameras and then something about a warning. I can't wait to find out everything that happened!

Now, I have to wonder what Michele would want to happen if Chima won the POV and took herself down. Would she rather have Natalie or Lydia voted out then? I really don't know and perhaps she really wouldn't care. Even though I'd like Chima to go home this week it be pretty damned sweet if Natalie was the next one to go. It would be even better if Chima and Natalie were both evicted next week and they joined Jessie in the jury house. But that's a pipe dream for sure.

What do you think about the nominations? Who is going to behave the worst tonight? And what do you think about their behavior since Jessie has left? Tell me!

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