Big Brother 11: S'more the Merrier

Hey y'all, what did you think of tonight's Big Brother 11 Head of Household competition? Other than the fact that it was also recycled, it was pretty cool, I thought. Recycled, you ask? Well yes, it was a recycle of the teacup competion from BB8.

This S'more competition was nice and messy. The houseguests had to maneuver down a graham cracker slip and slide and fill a container with hot chocolate from a cup with a hole in it. It was crazy. I think they said that it would be a total of about a four mile walk back and forth to fill up the container enough to fish out a marshmallow.

So how'd they do? When the feeds came back on, and BTW, thanks CBS for not keeping us in the dark for the entire competition this week, Kevin was in the lead. It looked like he was having the easiest time and he was trucking up and down that track. Natalie seemed to have the hardest time, although I'm not entirely convinced that she wasn't throwing the competition. Michele was in second place behind Kevin and Jordan was third.

As time went by, though, Jordan was falling further and further behind, while Kevin increased his lead. All three girls had a really hard time making it from one end to the other, and it didn't seem like Kevin was struggling at all.

After about an hour and a half, Kevin won Head of Household, although the feeds went to fish right before the end. I was hanging out in Dingo's chat and right as we said that the marshmallow looked like it was touching the top, we went to fish.

So who will Kevin nominate on Friday? Not too long after the end of the competition, he told Natalie that he was going to put up Jeff and Michele. The worst case scenario for them would be for Jordan to win the veto, but they don't think she will. There is some question as to whom they will target for eviction, but they say that they have time to discuss that after the veto competition and meeting.

And what was that about a Big Brother 11 twist? Well, we still don't know. All we know for sure is that they've locked up the Have Not room. All the houseguests seem to have moved into the Have room. Maybe tomorrow they'll reveal what's behind the door. We'll see. What do y'all think? Speculate away ...

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