Big Brother 11: The Day After

While we await the Have Nots competition and nomination ceremony later today, it's time to check out how much of an ass Jessie made of himself in interviews last night. Julie Chen's interview with him below is so sad it's funny. It's not Julie's fault either.

Jessie came across like such a doofus! I know his mind was still reeling from what had happened but he had problems even answering Julie's questions. Combine that with his lackadaisical attitude and you'd have thought all he wanted to do was go shave his pits or iron a shirt or something.

Jessie's attitude with Ross Mathews in his interview was a little bit better. You can see that interview below as well if you're interested. I still don't get his attitude though. But why should I be surprised?

Now if you really want to laugh, you need to check our Braden's videos of Jessie getting evicted. Hilarious!!! Watch the following videos in order - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. He's so funny!

I'll update this post later as more videos and interviews come in. Sit back, enjoy, and then let me know what you think in the comments!

Update - Check out Julie Chen's blog post about what's going on in the house right now. She is so freaking funny!!!

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