Big Brother 11: The Big Bully

All I could think about during the show last night was that it was the last show before Thursday. We've been waiting so long it seems for Thursday's Coup d'Etat use and live eviction that everything leading up to it is a necessary evil.

If you've been having doubts about Jeff using his wizard power, his diary room sessions and that conversation with Jordan in the hammock hopefully put your mind at ease. Big Brother will, of course, edit the show to make it seem that way but it truly does seem like he will be using it on Thursday. Jeff does have moments where he's unsure about putting such a large target on his back but he's been talking about Jessie going home so much that I don't think he'll pass up the opportunity.

That Power of Veto competition was a good one wasn't it? Kevin, Russell, and Lydia all did well in it but Kevin ultimately reigned and won the POV. His "little Asian hands" comment was hilarious and so were those feathers flying through the air as they were concentrating on working their eggs up the chicken coop fencing. It didn't seem to me that Jeff was trying too hard in that competition but we can't really blame him.

However, Natalie did seem to be trying but she just flat out sucked. You would think her small hands would be an advantage in a task like this but her impatience just got the best of her. Impatience and Natalie in the same sentence? No way! You won't find me complaining about this though because she was the only person in the competition that I absolutely did not want to win.

I enjoyed the editing Russell received last night. First, he said he wanted to mend fences with Michele. That didn't go so well did it? All he did was wind up ticking her off even more. To put the icing on the cake he decided to call her a nutcase, psycho, idiot, and liar in front of the others. Bravo big boy!

Russell was later shown going off on Chima. While I understand his thinking for doing this, I still think it was stupid. He should know that Chima's one of those women that just won't back down no matter what you say to them. So she called him a terrorist. He called it a racial slur. Blah blah blah back and forth with the screaming. These two need to just have sex and get it over with.

After the footage of the Have Nots watching the movie up in the HOH room, there was the POV ceremony. It was no surprise to Lydia that Kevin wasn't going to use it on her but she sure pouted like she had no idea. I can't stand it when she does that pouty thing with her lips and eyes. Stop it!

What did you think about the show last night? Did you have a favorite part? Do you believe they edited the fights with Russell, Michele, and Chima fairly? And since there's really been nothing going on in the house in the way of gameplay lately, do you really think that Jeff will be using the Coup d'Etat on Thursday? Will he really put up Jessie and Natalie? Tell me what you think!

Update at 11:15 AM - Check out the clip below about Natalie's hygiene that didn't make the show last night. She's going to die of embarrassment when she gets out of the house. LMAO!

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