Big Brother 11: Slipping And Sliding

I really enjoyed tonight's show. From the super slipperier graham cracker lanes in the HOH competition to the nomination ceremony, it was all good.

It was hilarious watching Natalie, Jordan, Michele, and Kevin falling down repeatedly in the Head of Household competition. When they first had this competition in Big Brother 8 I just knew that somebody was going to break something. I felt the same way this time. But hey, watching people fall down like that is still funny. I admit I was a little surprised they showed Jordan's and Jeff's comments about busting her boob though.

The fluff segments were especially hilarious tonight. It's a peach! No, it's a nectarine! But nectarines are hard and this is soft like a peach! Jordan needs to browse the produce aisle at the grocery store more often I believe. The Dating Show music in the background of Kevin asking Jeff about his ideal girl was cute. His answers along with Jordan's facial responses to them and Big Brother's checkmarks as he answered was funny.

Natalie's bug segment was laugh out loud hilarious! Talk about screaming like a little schoolgirl. She actually came across as human for a minute. Too bad for her, Big Brother showed her true colors when she was berating Michele in front of everybody in the kitchen. I'm sure America didn't appreciate that after watching Michele's crying episode in the green room earlier.

Speaking of Michele, she received quite the sympathetic edit tonight. Between the crying and overhearing them talk about her in the red room along with her comments about having to win the HOH competition and then losing it, the viewing audience would be crazy not to feel bad for her. Throw in her being nominated for eviction and she's the winner of the 'poor me' edit of the evening.

Regarding Kevin's nominations of Jeff and Michele, I still believe that was the best move for him. Michele knew that she'd be nominated but Jeff was blindsided there. If looks could kill, Kevin would be dead. Jeff's jaw was clenched tight and his eyes never left Kevin while he was giving his reasons for nominating. I guess the Golden Boy thought everybody was just going to let him fly through to the finals. Not so fast Jeffypoo!

I can't wait to see Tuesday's show. We'll get to watch Michele cream the others in the Morph-O-Matic Power of Veto competition. I'm curious to see just how badly Jordan did. We'll also get to see what exactly went down regarding that HOH twist for Kevin. Hopefully, they'll also tell us how much money each of the hamsters was able to gather up.

What did you think about the show tonight and what was your favorite part? Did you enjoy the fluff segments as much as I did? Do you know the difference between a peach and nectarine? Let me know in the comments!

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