From Bad To Worse For Bachelorette Couple

And the hits keep on coming for Bachelorette couple Jillian and Ed.

The newly engaged pair made the cover of this week's Us Weekly magazine -- that's two weeks in a row, but who's counting? -- with the headline: "How He Tricked Her." Ouch.

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To add insult to injury, Bachelorette contestant Wes Hayden -- who was villified for supposedly having a girlfriend back home while wooing Jillian -- tells Us that it was Ed who had a girlfriend all along. In what universe does Wes come out of all this smelling like a rose?

"Dave and I both remember Ed saying he had a girlfriend," Hayden tells the magazine. "But we are not the kind who are going to run our mouths."

Meantime, other Bachelorette contestants pile on, with fan favorites Reid Rosenthal and Michael Stagliano both speaking out against Ed. Reid called him "bad news" and Michael said he was "shady."

Bachelor host Chris Harrison weighed in separately this week, saying Ed and Jillian are still together and that the women claiming to be involved with him were paid to tell their stories in Us Weekly.

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