Big Brother 11: Waiting For Tonight

Watching the live feeds yesterday was like riding one of those old school wooden rollercoasters. You could hear the boards creaking on that long ride up only to drop you suddenly to the bottom. The rest of the ride was up and down but never as exciting as that first descent.

Michele got the ball rolling yesterday by telling Jeff about how she believes that Natalie and Kevin will come to Jeff and Jordan and throw her under the bus. Her instinct was spot on as Natalie and Kevin had indeed planned to tell the fabulous duo that Michele was going to be voting for Russell to stay and wanted Kevin to vote that way as well.

Jeff's morning started off great with that news (that's sarcasm folks) and only got better from there. When he went outside a little bit later, Russell started making little comments to goad him into an argument. The plan worked unsurprisingly well. Jeff and Russell got into it again but it wasn't really like it was on Monday afternoon. It was more male posturing than anything. (If you're interested in watching in flashbacks, pick Cam 1 or Cam 4 beginning at 12:40 PM.)

The funniest part about the whole thing was Jordan's inserting herself yet again into the situation when she had no reason to. I guess her defending her man was a way for Jordan to apologize to him for the night before. Or perhaps she wanted to get Jeff all riled up so he'd ask her up to the HOH room again. Either way, Jordan actually laid her hands on Russell in the confrontation. Well, she actually laid her boobs on him in the form of a chest bump (12:52 PM on Cam 4).

Jordan admitted later that she had wanted to hit him but thought better of it while she was rushing Russell in the backyard. At the last second she decided to chest bump him because she knew that Russell wouldn't hit her. Now that's classy! There aren't many things in the world I can't stand but that's one of them. I feel that women who physically push (that's basically what she did) a man either trying to get them to hit them or doing it because they know they won't hit them are pretty damned low.

I can't blame Russell for stirring the pot yesterday. What else could he have done at that point? Lay down and then leave today with his tail tucked between his legs? I say go ahead and make everybody think about what's going on in their alliances. I just wonder if Russell finally got through to Jeff and Jordan when he went over with them a few times about how final four comes before final two.

Jeff and Jordan eventually made up yesterday but Jeff told her in no uncertain terms that she needs to control herself from here on out. He wasn't happy with her that she got involved and I can't say that I blame him. Jeff had things under control and didn't need her fighting his battles for him. And like I said, Jeff's and Russell's situation was more male posturing than anything.

The hamsters have been on lockdown since early yesterday evening and are suspecting an endurance competition for the Head of Household tonight. They're probably right as this is the usual point in the game that one is held. Did anybody else see Natalie going through Michele's belongings trying to take her competition gloves last night?

What do you think about what happened between Jeff, Russell, and Jordan? What are your thoughts on women that do what Jordan did to Russell? Who do you want to win HOH tonight? I think I would like to see either Kevin or Natalie win it so that Jeff and Jordan get put up on the block!

Reminder - If you live in an NFL market, make sure you check your program guide tonight. I know if you're in the Jacksonville, FL area the show won't be on until after the Jaguars game but I'm not sure about other areas.

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