Big Brother 11: Offerings To OTEV

Last night's Big Brother was pretty much all about the Power of Veto. Throw in a bit of showmance and a dash of stupidity and then paranoia and the dish is complete.

Jeff and Jordan sure did receive the 'sweet couple' edit didn't they? Ah, look at the poor little lovebirds. The stress of everything is getting to them and they're being snippy with each other. Oh look, they kissed and made up at the end. Blech!

While the television viewing audience did see Jeff make a flippant remark about not being thanked by Russell as well as watching Jordan make the comment about Michele staring at her picture downstairs, they didn't see other things. When Russell came up to talk to Jeff and Jordan in the HOH room, they really ignored him. They weren't asleep and listening to music. Or how about Jordan asking why there are 52 cards in a deck or not knowing the suits. Give me a break!

Thankfully, the audience was saved from all of Jeff's and Jordan's stupidity (we don't want viewers to feel too sorry for them). Jeff and Jordan feel they can trust Natalie and Kevin more than Russell and Michele huh? Oh really? Cut to Kevin in the diary room saying that Natalie and himself are going to stab Jeff and Jordan in the back as soon as they can. Big Brother gods, please make it so!

The OTEV Power of Veto competition was fun to watch. Even though Casey didn't make a physical appearance, it was good to hear his voice from the OTEV ape. OK really the voice came from the backyard loudspeakers and Casey's rap was pre-recorded who knows where, but you know what I'm talking about.

Jeff sure did bound up that platform with his banana didn't he? Everybody else needed to use the rope. It must be good to be tall! I thought fursure Michele was going to break her tailbone the way she kept landing on the ramp to slide back down. She seemed to always land on a seam. Ouch! And how about Jeff's messing with Michele in the final round of the competition? He did go on to win but all I could think of was how classy his sportsmanship was.

Because Jeff won the Power of Veto, it was a foregone conclusion amongst all of the hamsters that he'd use it to save either Natalie or Kevin and replace them with Russell. He decided to remove Kevin. Jeff told Russell that he was going up on the block because he was a strong competitor. How original Jeff! It's going to be a weird couple of days? Oh yes it will be.

I can't wait to see how Big Brother spins the POV aftermath on Thursday's show. Personally, I think it's going to depend on who the producers suspect will be staying. If they think Russell will be staying, they'll make it look like Jeff was gloating and threatening. If they think Russell will be going, they'll portray Russell as a poor loser and a hot head. That's something to watch for indeed.

In other news, Jeff and Jordan had a fight last night while playing cards. It seems that Queen Jordan didn't pay close enough attention to King Jeff when he was explaining the rules of the card game and he called her out on it. The poor things actually slept in separate beds! But don't worry all of you Jeff and Jordan fans, I'm sure they'll fart and make up later today. hehe

There is some jockeying going on to get Russell the two votes he needs to stay on Thursday. But all of them are lying to each other so much it's hard to tell who is actually sincere to who. I think Kevin realizes what a power move it would be to vote Natalie out but I'm not quite sure he's going to go for it. Russell has been laying low during the day but tries to get words in with Michele when possible.

I'm not exactly sure whose side Michele is on and I'm not sure she knows either. That girl hems and haws with everybody she talks to. I really hope that she talks to Kevin today or tomorrow about the votes and they decide to keep Russell. Realistically though, I give Russell a 2% chance of staying.

What are your thoughts on the show last night? Did you enjoy Casey's involvement with the OTEV Power of Veto competition? And what do you think Russell's chances of staying are? Do you think it would be a good move for Kevin to keep Russell over Natalie? What about Michele? Let me know!

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